Magazine landing page


The magazine landing page assembles itself from the articles placed as 'children'. They display in the order you arrange them - so the top sub-item is your main feature.


The magazine template is used for the landing pages of Your Hampshire.

You do not need to create a new magazine landing page for each new edition of Your Hampshire - see Managing Your Hampshire.

WCMS use
  1. From the Content tree, navigate to the place you want to add the new magazine.
  2. Right-click and choose Insert > Page Templates > News > HCC_Magazine
  3. Give the page a name, following our standards for page names.
  4. Update the Page title, summary, metadata and other standard fields as described under general page authoring.
  5. Links can be set here to a competition page, previous editions, subscription page.

Magazine links

The first article on the page is rendered as a feature article with an overlay for the text.
The news page contains an overlay tile which automatically shows the current feature article for the Your Hampshire page. This is the first child article under the Your Hampshire page. use
Version and status
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  • current version
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