Managing Your Hampshire

How to update and maintain Your Hampshire

You do not need to build a new magazine landing page for new editions of Your Hampshire.

It can easily be maintained by duplicating existing content and just building new articles.


Your Hampshire consists of:

  • Magazine template landing page
  • 7 article pages
  • Competition page

The landing page is a direct child of ‘news’ in the Sitecore navigation structure.

The article pages and the competition page are direct children of the landing page.

The layout is automatically determined by the order of the articles

  • The first article underneath the landing page becomes the featured item
  • The next 6 articles are displayed in order as a block of 6
  • The competition page is displayed at the bottom of the layout page
Creating a new edition
  • Duplicate the landing page – this will automatically duplicate all of the child articles as well. Give the new version a name that is made up of the month and year it was published, eg ‘nov2016’
  • Move the new version to the ‘previous editions’ folder (the child pages will automatically move with it)
  • Change the following attributes of the new version to the month and year it was published, eg ‘November 2016’

Link title
Link caption

  • Change the page title of the new version (in Summary information section) to say ‘Your Hampshire <month name>’, eg Your Hampshire November 2016
  • Display the child pages of the new version. Delete the new versions of the competition page, ‘subscribetoyourhampshire’ and the previous editions (as all the folders will have been duplicated)
  • Add the feature article link image (480px) as the link image for the page as that will form the tile for the Previous Editions page
  • Clear the page url (to reset it)

Creating new articles

  • New articles need to be placed underneath the ‘subscribetoyourhampshire’ page so they won’t interfere with the current edition.
  • Right click on the ‘yourhampshire’ page. Choose Insert > HCC_NewsArticle. Give the page a name that is a keyword that represents that subject of the article, eg, ‘adoption’, ‘countryparks’.
  • Page names must be lowercase with no hyphens or underscores.
  • More info about creating news articles here: Style guide - News Articles

Text area section

  • Published on - The date entered here will be displayed on the page. The end date should be entered for 1 year ahead.

Type - Select 'feature article'

Link details section

  • Link title - This should match the heading of the article
  • Link image - For lead articles, select the hero image you added to the media library previously. For all other articles, use the thumbnail image

**** say how to select images!***

You will need to complete the page title and summary of page:

Summary information /styleguide/writing/authoringbasics#step-1

Archive of the month article

Can’t have 2 articles entitled ‘archive’ underneath the Your Hampshire home page, so call new archive page archive-octissue (or similar) will change this before going live.

Competitions article

Make sure have the competition closing date and link to entry form (an AchiveForm) before publishing. Don’t create a new competitions page, create a new version of the existing page – means you don’t need to update link on the landing page.

Article page content


  • All images must be added to the media library before adding them to an article.
  • The images are in the Media Library, under Hero Images > Your Hampshire. Create a folder for this edition.
  • Once an image has been added to the media library, check it out (click ‘lock and edit’) and add some alt text. Save and check in before publishing via the Publish menu.
  • All articles, including the lead article, need a hero image and a thumbnail image.
  • Follow this naming convention for all images:


  • date is the month represented by three letters plus the year, such as such as ‘nov16’
  • keyword is one or two words that describe the feature that the image belongs to, such as ‘autumn’
  • size is the width of the image in pixels

Example: yourhampshire-nov16-garden-1000

Hero images

  • Hero images must be 1000 x 500 pixels. Do not add white space to the sides of the image if it isn’t wide enough
  • Hero images must be saved in the ‘Hero images’ folder

Thumbnail images

  • Thumbnail images must be 480 x 240 pixels
  • Thumbnail images should be added to the Hero images folder as a child of relevant hero image (you will need to initially add the image to the root of the Hero images folder, and then drag it on top of the hero image)

Competition thumbnail image

  • The competition thumbnail image appears bigger on screen than those of the article pages, but it is actually the same size – 480 x 240 pixels.
  • The pink ‘WIN!’ circle on the competition thumbnail image is added by Sitecore. Do not try to add this feature to the image yourself.

Images that are embedded in the article content

  • Images to be embedded in the content of an article page should be saved in the media library in the ‘news’ folder that sits within the ‘Images’ folder
  • Ideally shouldn’t be any wider than 640pixels wide

Link images

All articles need a link image

  • For the lead article, use the hero image as the link image
  • For all other articles, use the thumbnail image as the link image
Making new edition live

Make new article pages live.

If set up in advance so old and new editions swap over on a given day/time, will need to publish the site to make sure the swap over actually happens.

  • Move new feature article page to the top of the list of articles
  • Move all others in the order they need to display in
  • Delete old article pages but NOT the featured article

Updating the news landing page

  • When new edition is live, need to point news landing page so it points to the latest edition of Your Hampshire (the feature article is always displayed on the news landing page)
  • Create new version of news landing page (lock and edit)
  • Open in Experience Editor, click in space where feature item lives
  • On editing controls panel, click yellow icon, browse to the new feature article page (must point to the featured article NOT the Hampshire now home page)
  • Save and publish via Fast track (home > Edit > Fast track)
  • Then delete the old featured article