Mailing list subscription

Mailing list allows users to sign up to join a content area communications


Across Hantsweb we use mailing list forms to allow users to subscribe to a services area mailing list or newsletter. Mailing list forms use dotmailer functionality.

Mailing lists are always stand alone pages. They aren't embedded into other page templates. Typically a call to action button would link to this page.


The mailing list is used on Libraries > mailinglist

WCMS use

Create your mailing list form

  1. In the navigation tree expand Common Content, Social Media and Newsletters and then mailing lists
  2. Right click on mailing lists and then hoover over Insert and select Mailing list form
  3. Enter a name for the item (this can have spaces and capitals) and click OK
  4. Move the item to an appropriate location in the navigation tree (usually as a child of mailing lists)

Complete the form

  1. Populate the Form title and Form content fields
  2. For the Form footer field click on Show editor and use the following details: Hampshire County Council complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your personal details will only be used to supply requested information. The details will be shared with our agents for processing purposes only and will not be shared with any other organisation.
  3. In the Action url use the link
  4. Address book ID and Mailing list - User ID: These ID's comes from Dotmailer:
    1. This can be obtained from the page source area in WPS (Web Publishing System). Open the old mailing list page on HantsWeb. Right click the page and view source:
    2. For the Address book ID search for the word "mailing" and it should be the 4th or 5th hit.
    3. You will see a line similar to: <input type="checkbox" name="addressbook_5488318">
    4. For Mailing list - user ID search for "user"
    5. You will see a line similar to <input type="hidden" name="userid" value="18711">
    6. Save
    7. If this WPS page is no longer available in WPS you will need to find the code in Sitecore admin. One of the Web Managers will be able to help.
  5. Mailing list – return url: There is a standard confirmation page to use. Click on Insert link and browse to Home and then mailinglistconfirmation. If a service specific confirmation is required a new page needs to be created (try and avoid this if possible)
  6. If you want to add options to sign-up to other mailing lists you add them as ‘mailing list preferences’
  7. Right click on your mailing list form
  8. Choose Insert and then mailing list preferences. Add the MailingListPreferenceID (this can be the Address book ID) and the MailingListPreferenceTitle (This can be in plain English, eg, Hillier Gardens)
  9. Do this for each mailing list you want to add   

Create a page template

  1. You need to duplicate an existing page eg. library mailing list. This is because there is a known bug that if you create a new mailing list from the template it won't load properly.
  2. Expand eg. librariesandarchives then library and right click to duplicate the mailinglist item
  3. Move your duplicate into your webpage area and rename
  4. Update the Link Title: the Link caption and the Page title: fields
  5. Open Experience Editor for that page
  6. Left click once on the full text width area
  7. Select the drop down next to the blue tick and yellow icon and choose Change associated content
  8. Select the parent page (that looks like an envelope) you created in common-content. Choose OK.
  9. Set the datasource of the mailing list form page. To do this, highlight your page in the navigation tree and then select the Presentation tab, Details and then Final Layout tab. Select the mailing list form rendering in the Default area and select the datasource of your mailing list form. Select OK. use
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