IBC help

Managing and updating personalised content in IBC help

IBC help content is personalised for different organisations and for some roles. Following the guidelines below should ensure it is easy to maintain.

Naming objects

Text objects should use the following structure:

  • Process - “pagename-menu"
  • Sections - "pagename-sectionname"
  • Alerts - "pagename-sectionname-alert"

Organisational variants

Where there is organisation specific content that should also be included in the object name, for example

  • "pagename-sectionname-organisation"
  •  "pagename-sectionname-alert-organisation


The alert that shows for the Police in the address section would be updatedetails-address-alert-police


Text objects should be filed in the IBC help folder in Common Content

  • Nest all the text objects relating to that page under the “pagename-menu" object
  • Where a section has an alert and/or audience specific alerts they should be nested under that section

File structure


A personalisation rule is set for objects that are different for different audience.

In Experience Editor you can see and switch between the different versions

 Showing personalised versions


Setting a new piece of personalised content

  1. Set up your new object in common content
  2. Open the page in Experience Editor and click on the object that needs a version.
  3. Click the personalisation icon, circled below.
  4. Select the rule you want to apply and select your new object when prompted.

Showing personalisation icon



What to do if an organisation has both a default alert and a personalised alert