Rights of Way Register of Applications

A searchable list of records, imported from the Rights of Way Access database so a customer can find and view information needed from the Register of Applications.
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WCMS use

Register of application pages use the template HCC_RegisterOfApplications and are located under Home/registeroflandowners/applications

The applications can be imported on a monthly basis and they can be edited through Sitecore. All pages get overwritten with each import.

Import applications

  1. Select 'Import Rights of Way' button from Sitecore launchpad
  2. On the import interface, click on 'Browse for media files', select the CSV which will be imported and click 'Import CSV'
  3. Once the import has been completed, check the logs for any errors
  4. If the import is successful, the pages can be found under the item 'Home/registeroflandowners/applications'
  5. The imported file can be found in the media folder 'media library/files/Import Data'
  6. Remove the CSV from the Media library if it's not longer needed

The .CSV file contains the following data:

  • A2 = Title
  • B2 = Claim Reference
  • C2 = Download the map and application link
  • D2 = Status of Application
  • E2 = Waiting List Position (list)
  • F2 = Waiting List Position (position)
  • G2 - J2 = Parish
  • K2 = Area
  • L2 = Grid Reference Start
  • M2 = Grid Reference End
  • N2 = Properties Affected
  • O2 = Date Recieved
  • P2 = Direction by Secretary of State
  • Q2 = HCC Decision
  • R2 = HCC Decision Date
  • S2 = Result of Appeal
  • T2 = Final Outcome
  • U2 = Applicant
  • V2 = Individual/Department
  • W2 - Z2 = Address

Edit field headings

On the HCC_RegisterOfApplications Template there will be the option to change field headings as required:

  1. Change the default values here: /sitecore/templates/Page Templates/HCC_RegisterOfApplications
  2. Or change the default values on each individual HCC_RegisterOfApplications (note these changes will be removed on next import)
MVC.net use
Version and status
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  • current version
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  • Alpha
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  • Release
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