Transport improvement scheme


A transport improvement scheme template, based on the Guide template, which enables information to be held in a structured format so that web users can find and view scheme information and access any linked consultations and documents.


Please see example at foot of page

WCMS use

From the Content tree, navigate to the place you want to add the new transport improvement scheme.  Right-click and choose Insert > Insert from template

Select Templates > Page Templates > Consultations > HCC_TransportSchemePage

Give the page a name, following our standards for page names.

Update the Page title, summary, metadata, contact and other standard fields as described under general page authoring.

Update the Transport Improvement Scheme section as follows (any fields which are left unpopulated will not be displayed on the page):

  1. Date information updated - this defaults to the current date
  2. Latest updates (heading and details)
  3. Overview (heading and details)
  4. Public consultation (heading and details)
  5. Public consultation is open - check box to indicate if a consultation is currently open
  6. Public consultations link - URL for consultation page
  7. Traffic management (heading and details)
  8. Funding arrangements (heading and details)
  9. View the plans (heading and details)
  10. Scheme completed - check box to indicate if the scheme is completed
  11. Scheme type - metadata for type of scheme
  12. District - metadata for district use
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transport improvement scheme