Approved venues


Approved venues are venues that can host marriage ceremonies.

There is an approved venue search where you can search for venues by location or type of venue. The search results can be filtered by number of guests, location etc.

Individual venue pages include contact details, nearest registration office etc.

Several images can be added to a venue page. One is marked as the master image and is displayed at the top of the page. Any other images are displayed at the bottom of the page. All images are displayed as square thumbnails. Clicking on an image will display a pop up lightbox with the full sized image in it. The master image is also displayed on the search results as a square thumbnail image.

approved venue image
WCMS use

Approved venue details are managed by the Registration Service on an external database - with the exception of the images which need to be maintained in Sitecore.

If you receive a request to make a change to an approved venue which doesn't involve images, forward the request to

The approved venue page in Sitecore should not be edited. The page calls content from a linked system, and displays the contents dynamically.

Add an image to an approved venue

  1. Add the image to the Media Library in the folder 'approvedvenues-images'. The image should be named using the following convention: approvedvenueimage-venuename-imagenumber 
    You can omit the number if there is only one image for your venue
  2. In Content Editor go to Common content > images > approvedvenues
  3. Right click on the approvedvenues folder and select Insert > ApprovedVenueImages
  4. Give the new image an appropriate name, following this naming convention: 
    You can omit the number if there is only one image for your venue. Click Ok
  5. Add the VenueID to the image record (this is how the images attach themselves to the correct page). The Registration Service should provide the ID
  6. Add alt text for the image. Usually this is the name of the venue. If there are existing images for your venue, use the same alt text as that used for the existing images.
  7. Tick the 'set as master image?' tick box if this image needs to be used as the master image (displayed at the top of the venue’s page). If the venue only has one image, it should be marked as a master image
Uploaded images can be any size, but Sitecore will crop these into square thumbnails, not shrink the whole image down. The thumbnail will be taken from the centre of the full size image, so make sure the image will make sense when cropped in this way.

Example of image cropping

Full sized image:

Approved venue full size image


Approved venue thumbnail image use
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