Library venue

Template for displaying information about a library branch

Library venue pages contain the following information:

  • Opening times
  • Address with direction link
  • Photo (optional)
  • Map
  • 4 service buttons (Search, Renew, Reserve, Join)
  • 3 bulleted lists (accessibility features, facilities, rooms and spaces for hire)
  • 4 service options buttons (eBooks, Digital Library, Courses and workshops, What you can borrow)
  • 3 overlay features
  • what’s on block (if the library has events)
Address details

For most libraries, all fields are completed in this section except for the following: 

  • Postbox
  • Address_All
  • Address_additionalLink – this is used by some libraries such as Basingstoke where extra location information needs to be added. A link added here will appear underneath the default ‘Get directions’ link
  • Address_Info (there are 2 of these)
  • Address_Directions

Opening times need to have the word ‘to’ between them, not a dash. More information about writing dates and times.

If the library is closed on a particular day, leave that field blank. A circle with a cross in it will be displayed on the web page.

Link details

You can leave this section blank.

Summary Information

Contains the page title (level 1 heading) of the page.

Branch information

Telephone - contains the shared HantsDirect libraries number

Telephone 2 - can contain a second contact number, eg, separate box office number

Library venue image – can be added if one is available. Library images should be added to the Media Library in the following folder: Images > librariesandarchves > library-branches. They should be no more than 320 pixels wide and 320 pixels high.

Accessibility options - these are selected from a list (double click an item in the left had pane to add it to the ‘selected’ pane on the right). The list can be found in Common content > Global settings > Global lookups > Venue features > accessibility.

Don’t select ‘Public toilets’ as an accessibility option. This should be added to the facilities list.

More accessibility information link (optional) - the relevant disabled go link is added here in full via ‘Insert external link’. This link is displayed at the bottom of the Accessibility list on the library venue page.

Disabled parking details (optional) – if anything is added to this field, it is added to the Accessibility list on the library venue page.

Local studies collection tick box – ticked if the library has a local studies collection. If ticked, ‘Local studies information’ appears in the Facilities list on the library venue page.

Facilities – selected from a predefined list. The list can be found in Common content > Global settings > Global lookups > Venue features > facilities.

The list contains some library specific café/catering facilities (eg, Winchester café for Winchester DC). These appear as links in the Facilities list on the library venue page with the link text ‘Café/Catering’. They point to a web page with further information.

The information pages are standard pages (text to full width, guide pages etc) and are direct children of the main library home page. To add a new café to a library, create the information page first. Then add a new item to the facilities list in common content. In the Café link field, add a link to the information page you just created.

Rooms and spaces – select any rooms available from the predefined list. Individual room items are in Common content > text > venue rooms. To create a new room, duplicate an existing one and change the details. The new room will automatically appear in the Rooms and spaces list. You can then go back to your venue page and select the new room.

Rooms page – this points to a shared page which dynamically loads the details for a particular library room when viewed by a user. Don’t change this.

Public computers, Photocopier link, Printer link – these all point to one shared page (a standard content page) located here: librariesandarchives > library > servicesforyou > computers. If a library doesn’t have one or more of these facilities, the relevant link should be removed. These links are displayed in the Facilities list on the library venue page.

The link for public computers shows the number of PCs available in the link text. This is set in the link description (you can get to this by clicking on ’Insert link’)

Additional branch information – not currently used.

Out of hours return tick box – ticking this box adds ‘Out of hours returns bin’ to the Facilities list.

Hide service options tick box – hides the 4 white buttons (eBooks, Digital library, Courses and workshops, What you can borrow) that sit above the 3 overlay features on the venue page. This should not be ticked by default.


Overlay features – all libraries have 3 of these. Most have the same three features (Read the library blog, Book of the month, Learn something new). A few libraries, such as Winchester DC, have different ones.

Library features are link items and are stored in Common content > librariesandarchives > libraries > features. They all have a destination URL, a link title and a link image. The link image needs to be 295 x 175 pixels. To change a feature for a library, open the venue page in Content Editor, go to the Features section and select the required feature from the list provided.

To create a new feature, duplicate an existing one and change its details. It should automatically appear in the list of available features. Link images should be saved in the Media Library in Image > librariesandarchives > library-features.

Events (What’s on when viewed in a browser)

Show events on branch page? tick box – this should be ticked for libraries that have events in the events system.

Venue ID, Link to events details page, Events search page – leave these as they are.