Venue page


The venue page displays a formatted list of content blocks. Each block has its own heading and contains information about the venue.

Two fields in the Address block contain latitude and longitude numbers which display a map with the precise location of the venue.

WCMS use

From the Content tree, navigate to the place you want to add the new venue page. Right-click and choose Insert > Insert from template. Expand Page Templates, Venues and then highlight HCC_Venue.

Insert a venue template

Give the page a name in the Item Name field, following our standards for page names and select Insert.

Update the Venue Name, Page title, summary, metadata and other standard fields as described under general page authoring.

The venue page has five main sections:

Opening Hours

There are two fields containing the Opening Hours title and the Opening Hours.

The Opening Hours text can be added by selecting Show editor which opens the Rich Text Editor.

Keep the information clear and concise so that this content block doesn't stretch too far vertically or horizontally on the page.

Contact Details

In the Contact Details block you can include information such as a phone number or email address.

The text can be added by selecting Show editor which opens the Rich Text Editor.

Address details

These fields allow you to enter the address of the venue. There are two fields for the street address and one for locality and postal code. The page will generate the information as text in an address format. 

A Get directions external link will automatically show below the address. Once selected this will open a Google Maps page with a map to the destination.

The latitude and longitude field coordinates will create a map of the area with a pin in the centre. You can find the latitude and longitude coordinates by using, for example, and then by typing in a place name or postal code.


Once the latitude and longitude coordinates are saved then the map will display on the page. This will be displayed underneath any Opening Hours, Contact Details or Address details blocks.

A map

Other information

The Venue Information field can contain any other details that are important for the venue.

This content block displays underneath the map on the page.

The text can be added by selecting Show editor which opens the Rich Text Editor. use
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