Venue explorer map

A map plotting the features of a site or venue

This page template is used to plot the position of a venue’s features or facilities on a map.

A venue explorer page displays the features underneath the map as a series of tiles. Each tile has several elements on it:

  • feature title
  • summary (if one is provided)
  • image (if one is provided)
  • copy of the map pin that represents the feature on the map
  • list of meta tags that have been applied to the feature
  • promoted meta tag (top right hand corner of tile, if one has been selected)

The page has a search facility and you can filter what you see according to the metadata that has been applied to the explorer page and the features.

Clicking a map pin opens a popup light box displaying further information about that feature. Clicking a tile does the same thing.


See Explore the Gardens (Hillier Gardens)

Venue explorer map - Hillier Gardens

Venue explorer map - sample feature tile (Hillier Gardens)