Venue opening times


The venue opening times feature can display:

  • an opening times header with the current and next day's opening times with an option to link to a page with more detailed opening information
  • a more detailed opening times block

Opening times headers are usually added to the top of a venue's home page.

Opening times blocks are usually added to a 'visit us' page or a dedicated opening times page.

To set up opening times for a venue you will need to create 2 types of item in Common content:

  • Opening Times item (you only need 1 of these per venue)
  • Timing item (you may need several of these per venue to cover seasonal opening times changes)

Timing items are children of the Opening Times item.

Once you have set up these items for a venue, you can use it to display a opening times header and/or an opening times block on the venue's web pages.


An example of opening times is The Great Hall.

Opening times header

opening times

Opening times block

Opening times information

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