Assessments by the Hearing Impairment team

We discuss the support the child or young person needs to access learning. We monitor how they are using their hearing. We don’t assess a child’s level of hearing loss.

We can only offer advice children who have been referred to us by an Audiology department.

We work with the child and the school to assess how we can help the child. We do assessments involving tests as well as observations and visits.


We carry out a speech discrimination test on all children on our caseload where appropriate. We use a Parrot machine which will speak words with various level of background noise. This will test what your child can hear and how this can impact them at school. This is usually done annually.

We may carry out a language and communication test every year. These are standardised tests and help to indicate how well your child’s language and communication is developing.

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Observations and visits

We visit the children on our caseload regularly. If they are pre-school age we visit at home and at pre-school. School-age children are visited at school.

The frequency depends on a variety of factors. We will observe and speak with the class teacher or Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at school. We write a summary after each visit and send it to parents or to school.

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Where the assessment takes place

We visit young children at home or at preschool. When the child is of school age we visit and carry out our tests at school.

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After the assessment

We write a report of the child which will include the results of our tests. Reports are done as appropriate, but are usually annually.

An Audiology department will test the child’s hearing. They will write a report and send it to us. We will include this information in our report. Reports are sent directly to parents and to the school.