Qualified Habilitation Specialists

Support for your child or young person

A Qualified Habilitation Specialist (QHS) supports children up to the age of 18, in the home or at their education setting. They aim to:

  • develop the child's independence
  • improve the child's mobility
  • support daily living skills

They will do this by:

  • assessing areas of need
  • planning and implementing age-appropriate individual mobility programmes for pupils
  • providing training in the use of mobility aids and other equipment
  • providing age appropriate training for daily living skills
  • processing the certificate of visual impairment and issue a yellow card which states your child is registered partially or severely sight impaired
  • provide support when transitioning to new school environments

Support for the education setting

A QHS will support the education setting by:

  • planning and implementing programmes for children and young people to use within their setting
  • liaising with and training all staff working with the child
  • contribute to requests and reviews for Education, Health and Care Plans
  • provide advice on environmental adaptations for accessibility
  • liaise with other professionals, such as Occupational Therapists