Naming conventions

A guide to naming conventions in the content management system


It is useful to have a naming convention for items in the content tree. A standard system helps keep the content tree tidy and makes items and objects easy to find. This guide outlines the naming conventions being used.

WCMS use

A few things to bear in mind whilst naming items, pages and objects in the content tree:

  1. don’t use spaces in the item name
  2. don’t use special characters
  3. shorten the phrase/question of field titles. Eg If the field question is ‘Tell us your favourite chocolate’ the item name could be ‘FavouriteChocolate’

Common content items

There is a 100 character limit for common content object names

It’s good to identify the page that a common content object belongs to and the type of object it is via the object name. However, if this results in the object name being too long, it is possible to put the object into a subfolder and give the subfolder the name of the page. You can then omit the page name from the object name.

In the example below (taken from the ‘grids’ folder in common content) the grids used on the ‘Street lighting facts and figures’ page have been placed into a subfolder called ‘Street lighting facts and figures’ so we could make the individual grids’ names shorter. use
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