Introduction to Sitecore

Using Sitecore to create and manage content for Hantsweb

When creating a Hantsweb page you must consider the data required to produce the content and the most suitable way of presenting that content.

Hantsweb is built on a content management system (CMS) which allows content authors to create and build engaging content in a consistent and standardised way. There are a few core elements to building pages for Hantsweb.


Often when creating a webpage there will be data which drives the presentation and population of the content.

This data will be sourced from the components themselves to render or display the component, however usually we will be required to create a number of items in the relevant sections in common-content. Then we would link a page or the component to the folder of items which will produce the content to be displayed.

In addition, we may need to create standalone pages in Content Editor, to index a folder of items which can then be linked to a page or component on the public page.

Page templates

There are many page templates that can be used to create a webpage in Content Editor.

Often these templates might link to a link item to populate the data for the page, or the page may also be populated by adding renderings/building blocks in Experience Editor.

Further details on page templates can be found in the page templates styleguide pages.


Sitecore used on Hantsweb is a component based architecture. This means that pages are built using a range of sections or placeholders, thus allowing consistency in the design and structure of pages built.

These placeholders are what we call Building Blocks which are re-useable renderings which can be placed on the page via the Experience Editor.

There are a number of renderings built which can be understood by reviewing the Building Blocks styleguide pages.


The three largest pieces of integration achieved so far include:

  • integration with the Customer Relationship Management solution
  • integration with customer account system, the identity provider for all customer accounts
  • integration of content with the Google Search appliance to provide Google search capability within features and templates to Sitecore users. This capability has been used to create over 10 unique search features within Hantsweb

You will need to be approved as a user by Carl Smith before you can log into Sitecore.

Log into the Production (PROD) environment.

  • Username: It2000\xxxxxx
  • Password: Hantsnet password

There are three environments that you should be aware of:

The UAT, SIT and Dev environments have different username and password combinations. Check with the Web Team for access.

If you have both editor and author access to the production environment, the default will be author access. To gain full editor access you will need to have the author access removed. There are admin users in the Web Team who may have unique access to some controls.