Editor checklist

Page properties (page names, titles, metadata)
  • Check page names (URLs) are lowercase with no hyphens or underscores
  • Check page names are short and meaningful
  • Check page titles start with a capital letter, and all following words are in lowercase, unless they are a proper noun
  • Make sure you've added relevant metadata to your pages

More information about page names

  • Check headings are correctly applied, in order, starting at level 1
  • Make sure no heading levels have been skipped
  • Check headings haven't been made bold

More information about headings

Lead text

Lead text should be one concise sentence with no full stop at the end. It should help the user to understand what the page is about.

Lead text can't contain links.

Links and documents
  • Ensure link text makes sense when taken out of context
  • Don't use 'click here' or 'more...'
  • Don't allow pages to open in a new window. The exception is AchieveForms, where it may be useful to have a guidance document open when completing a form

More information about links and documents

  • Make sure list items (bullet points) are capitalised correctly
  • Make sure you have at least two items to put into the list
  • Make sure there are no full stops, commas or semicolons at the end of list items

More information about creating lists

  • Check tables have the correct HTML code
  • Check tables have a heading row
  • Check tables contain tabular data and there are at least 2 columns

More information about tables

Contact details
  • Make sure emails addresses are written in full
  • If email addresses and phone numbers are displayed on their own, put 'Email' or 'Phone' in front

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Guide pages
  • Make sure guide step subheadings are heading 3 or below
  • Make sure guide step headings are not written as questions

More information about guide pages

Abbreviations and jargon
  • Make sure abbreviations are explained
  • Make sure your page doesn't contain unnecessary jargon

More information about abbreviations and jargon

Referring to Hampshire County Council and its services

Make sure you haven't shortened Hampshire County Council to HCC.

More information about creating web content


Make sure you check spelling and grammar for each page

More information about creating web content

Reading age
  • Make sure you have run your content through the Hemingway App. Make sure you've got as close as possible to 9 year old reading age
  • Make sure you sanity check your content as well

More information about reading age

Voice and tone
  • Be concise 
  • Use active voice (don't use 'please')
  • Address the user as 'you'
  • Don't capitalise (seen as shouting)
  • Don't use bold
  • Use contractions such as 'don't' (rather than 'do not')
  • Use gender-neutral text
  • Use plain English
  • Be careful when writing about disability
  • Be careful when using ‘we’

More information about voice and tone