Closures and works

For the latest information on timescales for outstanding works please contact the office on 01252 370073 or

Deepcut & Brookwood closure - lock gate damage

The lower gates at Lock 18 were damaged by a visiting boat on May 30 2018. We have now carried out an inspection and they are not repairable, even on a temporary basis, due to the extensive damage caused to the heal post so will need to be replaced with a new set of gates.

These will need to be built to order by our lock gate manufacturer as each set of gates is unique, with every lock chamber being subtly different. We have been given an estimate of 6 – 8 weeks for construction of the new gates.

This means that the Deepcut and Brookwood lock flights are now closed until we can get the new gates made and fitted.

Woking Wharf Extension - SCC contractors

By Bedser Bridge and Brewery Rd car park, Woking. Directly in front of WWF offices.
The towpath will be closed between Bedser Bridge and the upstream end of WWF and a diversion in place. Cyclists are required to dismount on the diversion.  Access will still be available to the WWF building and Brewery Rd car park but only from the towpath from the downstream end by the existing Woking Wharf mooring.

Boats will need to wait back from the works and signal to the contractors to make them aware of their presence. There may be up to a 20 min wait for the contractors to remove machinery and allow the boat past. Works Mon – Fri only. This work will take up to 12 weeks to complete from May 2018.

Summer vegetation cutting - BCA staff and volunteers - ongoing

Our summer cuts along the entire length of the towpath are now underway, with areas of most rapid growth being tackled first.

For the latest information contact the office on 01252 370073 or check our Facebook and Twitter.