Closures and works

For the latest information on timescales for outstanding works please contact the office on 01252 370073 or

Offside vegetation cutting – BCA staff and BCS volunteers. Oct 2018 – Feb 2019

Off-side vegetation cutting on priority areas of the canal. Towpath not affected. Workboat with chipper in the channel. Boats to slow, prepare to stop and obey staff instructions.

Towpath vegetation cutting – BCA staff. Oct 2018 – Feb 2019

Covering as much towpath length as possible depending on staff availability. Towpath access temporarily suspended during certain operations. Please obey signage or staff instructions.

Bank protection works – SCC contractor. Works underway

Sections classed as high priority. Most works in Surrey with some areas in Hampshire later in the winter. Towpath access temporarily suspended during certain operations. Please obey signs or contractors’ instructions.

Annual Lock gate replacement – Lock 7 – BCA. December 2018 - Work complete

Lock 7 St John’s Flight.

Structural inspections (now complete) followed by repairs to lock chambers – Deepcut Lock Flight (Locks 18 - 24) Works underway Jan - March 2019

Towpath either not affected or only very temporary closure. Follow on site instructions. Deepcut closed and dewatered.
Last winding hole: Downstream of works Brookwood Country Park. Upstream of works Above Lock 28.

Tree works as results of tree survey. Survey not yet complete.

High priority areas along the whole canal. Towpath not affected with minor cordoned off areas as required

Tree thinning works and softbank works. Still awaiting result of grant application.

Rural areas of Hampshire, Sandy Hill cutting, Malthouse cutting, Broadoak and Chatter Alley. If grant application successful - works will take place in winter 2019/20.

Bed re-lining at Crookham Deeps. Work POSTPONED until winter 2019/20.

Chobham Rd turnover bridge. Jan – June 2019 Work delayed – dates to be advised by Woking BC.

Chobham Road Bridge, Woking. Towpath closure and diversions to be confirmed. Barge expected to be in channel – some periods of temporary closure likely.

For the latest information contact the office on 01252 370073 or check our Facebook and Twitter.