ROC Underground Monitoring Post at Lepe Country Park

Cold War Royal Observer Corp (ROC) Underground Monitoring Post

ROC monitoring posts

The Stone Point Royal Observer Corps (ROC) post at Lepe Country Park, installed in 1962, was one of the underground monitoring posts built as part of the UK Warning & Monitoring Organisation (UKWMO), which was set up in 1957.


  1. Warn the public of air attack
  2. Provide confirmation of nuclear strike
  3. Warn the public of the approach of radioactive fallout
  4. Supply the authorities in the UK and neighbouring countries in NATO with details of nuclear bursts and fallout
  5. Provide a post-attack meteorological service.

Altogether there were 1,563 similar monitoring posts around the country (later reduced to 870), including a non-standard one in a coal cellar in Windsor Castle!

Lepe Country Park was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to renovate the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) monitoring post in 2015. With support from the Cadland Estate the Stone Point monitoring post has been restored to its original 1960s condition. This is when members of the ROC were first stationed there to monitor the effects of a nuclear blast should Britain come under attack.

An interactive periscope has been put in place so that visitors to the park can view the post, situated underground in the top car park. The inverted periscope allows the visitor to navigate the room below their feet, as well as select captions and images to find out about ROC equipment and routines.

Short video inside the underground monitoring post

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