Woodland Wander with Alfresco Lunch

Press pause, relax and unwind as you immerse yourself in a full-day of wellbeing experiences with Woodland Wellbeing

14 July 2024 11am to 2:30pm

Our woodland wanders are a “Soft Hike”,  where the emphasis is on making connections with nature and each other rather than the speed or distance we are travelling. An extended Shinrin - Yoku (forest bathing) experience. We will be walking at a relaxed pace, there will be plenty of invitations to practice mindfulness, feel the meditative effect of simply putting one foot in front of another, enjoy the view and ponder while we wander over yonder! Our delicious and nutritious plant based alfresco lunch will be served at one of the beautiful picnic areas at Juniper towards the end of our woodland wander.

What to expect
A Woodland Wander will normally last for around 3 to 3 1/2 hours. They take place in the natural beauty of Queen Elizabeth Country Park (just south of Petersfield, Hampshire) where you will be welcomed by Kate, founder of Woodland Wellbeing and get to meet the rest of the group before heading off on our relaxed wander over yonder! Kate will provide nutritious snacks and opportunities to rest, relax, recharge as we explore the natural beauty of our woodland setting. We will be moving at approximately 2-3 miles an hour, covering roughly 5 miles during the Woodland Wander.

Please bring a small backpack containing a water bottle, extra layer, waterproof or sunscreen and hat on warmer days. We recommend wearing long trousers and walking shoes or boots but strong trainers or wellies will do for most of the trails we will use.