Royal Victoria Country Park was once the site of the world’s largest hospital, now only the iconic chapel remains


The Royal Victoria Hospital was built in 1856 and served the British military for over a century. As the British Army’s first purpose built hospital, Royal Victoria was a unique and ambitious project which would help change the face of the medical world.

The chapel is all that remains of the quarter mile long hospital and is home to our interesting heritage exhibition which gives people the opportunity to learn all about the history of the military hospital and see photographs and relics from the site's fascinating past.

The Chapel conservation works

Lottery funded

Thanks to grants from Hampshire County Council and Heritage Lottery Funding, the Park’s historic buildings and heritage have been restored. The project included conservation work to the original façade of the chapel and the removal of the 1980 extension. There is a new pavilion to the side of the chapel with a kiosk, toilets and offices, providing facilities for the chapel to host music and cultural events in the evenings. Around the park are points of information explaining the size of the hospital and its historical significance.

The project was completed in the summer of 2018; the chapel now offers public access all year round, five days a week - including the tower and gallery.

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