BioBlitz 2020 - Staunton Country Park

24- Hour Wildlife Event

18 July 2020 midday to 19 July 2020 midday


The BioBlitz is a renowned event for those who are interested in wildlife. Providing a good insight into what we have in our parklands and how we should be recording this information. We will be working with HBIC, HCC biological recorders and other wildlife professionals.
This 24-hour event is a brilliant opportunity for children, families and wildlife enthusiasts to work with professionals to get a better insight into local species from plants, animals and the bug world.
There will be a range of activities from talks and night walks with experts to children’s crafts, a timetable will be released for all activities and timings.
As this is a 24-hour event there will be the opportunity to camp overnight at Staunton Country Park. Further details will be provided to register yourself for camping.
We are also looking for volunteers who may be interested in helping our team over the course of the two days, please contact us for further information.

If you have any questions about the BioBlitz please contact our visitor centre on 02392 595040 or email at

This event will not be taking place at Staunton Farm.