The easy way to attract pollinators all year round

Apr 2 2019

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I’ve just finished reading an article about a four-year study which found that gardens and allotments in towns and cities are a haven for insects. It got me thinking – if our homes are a safe place for pollinators, what can we do to attract more of them?

As a keen gardener, I’m always seeing bees and butterflies at home. What if you’re not particularly green fingered, but still want to help?

I got my thinking cap on and started to mull over some common questions. What are the best plants to grow to attract pollinators for as long as possible? And what plants are suitable for most gardens and happy to look after themselves?

The following six plants all fit the bill. They grow in most types of soil and can be left alone once planted. Each one flowers in a different season – giving vital nourishment to pollinators almost all year round. I’ve added links to each plant’s page on the Royal Horticultural Society’s website, where you’ll find simple plant care instructions.




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