Raising the roof

Jul 26 2017

Painted roof slates

Hello everyone

I hope you are all enjoying the summer! It’s been about eight weeks since my last blog, and there’s a lot to tell you. This edition includes three key updates:

  • Raise the Roof – your chance to get involved
  • Build update – the latest news on the chapel build
  • Get involved – Find out more how you can be a part of this amazing project

Raise the Roof campaign

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you can be part of it, from wherever you are in the world you are reading this!

The entire chapel roof is being re-tiled and as part of the Raise the Roof campaign, visitors can sponsor a roof slate by paying a small donation to decorate or write a personal message on the underside of the roof slates for the Victorian-era chapel.

The ‘sponsor a slate’ appeal is run by the park’s voluntary group, the Friends of Royal Victoria Country Park, to help reach their fundraising target of £30,000 to support the restoration of the chapel.

You can sponsor a slate for £5 per slate, or £20 for five slates, outside of the chapel, from 11am to 4pm during the weekend of 29/30 July or via the ‘sponsor a slate’ appeal’s Just Giving page.

Every pound counts and our thanks go to our Partners Brymor Construction who have donated £1,225 towards the campaign.

So, why not visit us in person to put your own personal mark on the chapel? Don’t worry, the chapel roof won’t be a scrawl of painted slates – the designs will be on the inside of the chapel roof, where we hope they will be seen in 100 years time!

Royal Victoria Country Park Raise the Roof appeal

Build update

Royal Victoria Country Park building works Wow – we are making great progress! The foundations of the new extension have been laid and the walls are going up. This building will house a kiosk and toilets - clad in wood and glass, and sympathetic to the surroundings.

Inside the chapel, we have cut through walls and ceilings, ready for the new staircase. The new lift shaft is almost complete, which will for the first time, provide lift access for customers with mobility issues to visit the chapel tower.

Over the next month, work will start on painting the ceiling, following extensive research to identify what the colour of the ceiling and other paint colours would have been in the chapel. Scrapings were taken and sent to specialists who analysed the colours. It will be nice to see the current brown colour replaced with a colour closer to the original.

Why not get involved?

As we get closer to the chapel works being completed, we are starting to plan ahead for the different volunteer roles that will be needed - we will be reliant on volunteers for most of the chapel operation.

If you are interested, sign up to our volunteer newsletter where we will keep you regularly updated on the opportunities available. You’ll also be able to keep up to date on the progress and initiatives that our volunteers are currently working on. Contact Jo Basham on 02392 244 064.

In our next blog, we’ll be exploring some amazing stories about the US Military based at the hospital.