The Chapel Conservation

Mar 7 2017

Royal Victoria Chapel

The Chapel Conservation

Today is a great day!! Work has recommenced on our Chapel Project after several months. If you don’t know already, the reason was because the company that had been awarded the contract had unexpectedly gone into administration within a month of starting the works.

I’m pleased to announce today that we have new partners, Brymor Construction Limited. We’ve had to make a few changes to some elements of the build works, but rest assured you will have a Chapel and park to be even more proud of! Our aim is to have the Chapel works and external interpretation ready for you by Summer 2018.

One new change will be the hoardings. We’ll be taking down the metal hoardings and replacing them with Herras fencing so you’ll be able to follow developments. Don’t forget to take a look at the boarded hoardings that are up which have photographic images across them, telling you a bit more about the hospital (and if you visit the café you’ll see more photos on the wall).

I thought I’d give you a bit more information about the installations. We’ll be putting in 4 structures to identify the four corners of the hospital. Each will bring alive the hospital history through images and text and will tell the story of those who worked there or that were associated with the hospital at some point.


We’ll also have structures to identify the location of the former pier (below you can see a photo taken around 1900 of soldiers from the Boer War). You can see the Chapel tower dominating the skyline in the background. 

soldiers from the Boer War

And we’ll identify the railway station which was located at the back of the Chapel, which brought the wounded to the hospital; you can see the Red Cross on the carriage window. Today, if you look carefully in the car park in this area, you can still see the original tracks that used to carry the wounded to the hospital. Can you see the corner of the Chapel on the left hand side?

Railway station