New Forest Bishop's Dyke walk

A short history of the Dyke

The Dyke encompasses an area of about 500 acres.

Legend has it that John de Pontoise, Bishop of Winchester, built the bank and ditches around 1284. He was given permission to enclose an area that he could crawl around in a day. To get the largest possible piece of land he spent 24 hours crawling along the ground.


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Start at Beaulieu Road Railway Station and turn right past the hotel/pub and walk along the wide grassy ride on right of the road. Continue along this path passing the white Denny Road Lodge cross-road sign.  You will shortly pass a bog on your right. Skirt to the left of this and almost immediately your path divides.

Take the right path, away from the road up an incline and towards a clump of trees. Pass through these trees and head next towards a wood ahead of you and to the left of the path. This is Pig Bush Wood. At the grassy cross roads just short of Pig Bush Wood turn right and head out across the heath along a well defined and undulating path.

At the top of the rise you will see a walkway of duckboards ahead of you crossing wetland. Continue over the duckboards, crossing a low bank and bridge over a ditch. This is Bishop’s Dyke.

Continue straight on towards, and then into, mixed woodlands. Bear right, passing a pony enclosure. Then cross an extended footbridge over wetland, then a stream, and almost immediately over the railway line. The path snakes through the trees at this point. Pass through a gate to your left (NE) into Wood Fidley enclosure.

Follow the grassy ride through trees and up an incline to cross paths. Turn right through another gate leaving the inclosure. Turn left to follow the path outside the wood. Where the path forks, take the right hand fork. Continue along this path over the footbridges and then across the heathland. This sandy path bears right and then left over heathland and over duckboards crossing more wetland. Ahead of you is Beaulieu Road Station and hotel.