Making the countryside a place for everyone to enjoy

Countryside Canines - Dog walking in Hampshire

Hampshire Countryside sites are colour coded into RED, AMBER and GREEN ‘paw print’ zones.

These zones are a simple way of showing people where dogs can exercise on and off lead.

Whether a dog owner or not, please follow the Countryside Code and help make the Country safe and enjoyable for everyone.

  • green paw print
  • Green
    Dogs are allowed off lead. Please follow the countryside code so that everyone can enjoy the countryside.
  • orange paw print
  • Amber
    Restrictions in place - please read the on-site instructions for details. It might be that dogs must be kept on leads because of grazing animals, or people and dogs must stick to the paths due to ground nesting birds. Other AMBER areas are BBQ and picnic sites. This is to keep dogs safe from eating anything harmful and to protect people's picnics.
  • red paw print
  • Red
    Dogs are not allowed in red areas. It might be because it's a sensitive wildlife site or livestock is present.

Please pick up after your dog

It's understandable to think it's OK to leave it when out in nature. But, because of the food dogs eat and medicines they take (i.e. to treat worms), it becomes harmful to people, animals and the environment.

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