The Pinetum, known previously as 'Little Switzerland', was planted during the mid 1960s


Sir Harold was particularly fond of conifers. The Pinetum, known then as 'Little Switzerland', was planted during the mid 1960s. Children will be delighted to find our stunning tree house in this area.

In July 2016, some new giant willow sculptures and giant poppy seed heads were added to the collection.

The sculpture trail is by internationally renowned artist Tom Hare. This set of 5 impressive botanical willow sculptures are a must see in the Pinetum. Celebrating our champion collection of conifers, each sculpture is modelled on the real cones. The trail features these conifers:

  • pine
  • spruce
  • cedar
  • hemlock
  • Metasequoia

At over 3 metres the willow sculptures show in detail the cones shapes and structure. The cones are interspersed with delicate seed clusters which lead you along the trail.

These sculptures have been carefully crafted using natural materials. For the darker coloured pine, hemlock and Metasequoia black steamed maul willow was used. For the cedar cone a flanders red willow was used in keeping with the colour of the actual cones. The seed clusters were made from Brittany blue willow and varnished tissue paper.

Come along and appreciate these glorious botanical sculptures. There are interpretation boards near each sculpture. You can discover more as you explore the trail.

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