Valley of Fire

A new planting project that will produce a wonderful new autumn feature close to the Visitor Pavilion

Valley of Fire

Imagine standing at the top of the vista, admiring a scene of rich red and scarlet North American Maples, Sweet Gum (Liquidambar) and cherry trees that are tinted orange-red. Shrub beds will be planted with Sumachs which turn orange, yellow and red and the buttery yellow and orangey red Lindera.

Currently both sides of the vista are planted with a mixture of woody plants that include a very interesting collection of oak trees which offer beautiful views for most of the year. However, during the autumn months when the colour elsewhere in the Gardens is so vibrant, there is only a scattering of colour in this area. Given that the vista is such a prime and beautiful location, a decision has been made to retain existing trees, and to interplant them with tree and shrub groupings particularity chosen for their mixed and vibrant autumn colours. This planting of over 30 different types of trees and shrubs will create a stunning autumn colour and hence already has been named ‘Valley of Fire’.

We would be delighted if you would celebrate this planting with us by adopting a tree and see it grow and develop with us. The single tree adoption is £400.

You might also consider adopting an entire group of shrubs within this new planting for a donation of £2,000.

Alternatively you could place a small donation in our collection pot next time you visit the Gardens or donate online.

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