Rocks and soils

Key stage 2


A day’s programme does not necessarily include all the listed activities and can be adapted to suit individual needs and requirements. Normally we fit in three to five activities during your visit.

Activities Learning objective: the children should learn...
Soil quiz to make careful observations about different types of soils and the similarities and differences between them
Plant fossils about the variety of fossils and how fossils are formed
Decay game about the decomposition of plants and the re-cycling of nutrients by playing an interactive game
Making a soil profile in a plastic bottle to carefully observe the different components of soil
Minibeast hunt to observe and identify the variety of minibeasts found in different habitats and their role in recycling and decomposition. Classification keys will be available to use
Examining habitats with different soil types within the gardens that different plants grow in different soils – biodiversity
Dinosaur survival game about the different reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs by playing an interactive game
Session times

10am to 2.30pm
with a break for a picnic lunch at 12pm in or near the Education Centre.

Suggested pre-visit activities
  • Observe a variety of rocks and discuss their characteristics
  • Examine some commonly found fossils and discuss how they were formed
Suggested post-visit activities
  • Sort a variety of materials into compostable and non-compostable items and set up a compost bin at school/and or home
  • Look at photographs of different geographical landscapes
  • Research the palaeontologist Mary Anning
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