Scientific enquiry - habitats and plants

Key stage 2


A day’s programme does not necessarily include all the listed activities and can be adapted to suit individual needs and requirements. Normally we fit in three to five activities during your visit.

Activities Learning objective: the children should learn...
Habitat enquiry to discover effective ways for surveying minibeasts in different habitats (logs and wildflower meadows) and presenting their findings
Plants and their uses enquiry to draw conclusions about the comparative value of different plants
Practical tree measurement enquiry to take measurements using a wide range of scientific equipment and methods
Plant adaption enquiry to identify how a variety of plants adapt to their natural environment
Session times

10am to 2.30pm
with a break for a picnic lunch at 12pm in or near the Education Centre.

Suggested pre-visit activities
  • Familiarise the class with the names and habitats of some common minibeasts
  • Discuss different methods of presenting results
Suggested post-visit activities
  • Develop the original presentation considering and evaluating other ways in which it could have been made
  • Investigate other ways in which plants are of value to us
  • Look at some different habitats and plant adaptations
  • Use some of the practical skills learnt to measure trees in own school grounds, garden, park and/or woodland
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