Behaviour Policy Statement

We want to promote a fun, learning environment where everyone feels safe

Everyone should be well looked after, treated fairly and should feel valued and respected. The Garden and its wildlife should also be treated as someplace special.

We have a responsibility to help you enjoy your time learning with us, while keeping you safe. We will encourage you to explore and ask questions. Visiting students have responsibilities too.

How students should behave

All students should:

  • be prepared for an active, outdoor day. Bring a healthy picnic and something to drink. Please do not bring fizzy or sports drinks. Dress for the weather. follow directions so that you stay safe
  • treat others fairly and politely. Don’t be unkind, bully, harass or hurt others. Don’t be abusive to anyone, physically or verbally. Swearing is not allowed
  • respect other peoples property. Don’t interfere with or steal other peoples belongings
  • help us to look after the Gardens. Don’t damage plants or throw things. Do not walk on flower beds or climb trees. Close doors and gates behind you
  • help us to look after the wildlife. Try to leave the garden as you found it. Habitats undamaged. Animals alive and with the right number of legs
  • think of other people, not just yourself. Don’t disturb other visitors to the Gardens. Do not use mobile phones except for emergencies during teaching sessions
  • be sensible, responsible and safe. Stay with your group at all times
  • be organised and cooperative. Follow directions promptly. A positive outlook will make it easier to join in
Dealing with bad behaviour

If you behave badly or do something wrong we will ask you to stop.

If it continues your teacher will talk to you about it and may have to take further action. For example, you may be given ‘Time Out’ or moved to a different group.

If your poor behaviour continues, is dangerous or impacting too much on the group, you will be taken back to the Education Centre. This may mean that the whole group has to return to the Centre.

If there is no improvement, and you are not responding to efforts to improve your behaviour, you will be sent back to school. This may mean the whole group has to return to school.

Students who are suspended from the site may return on future dates, but only following consultation with and approval by Education Staff.

Guidance for group leaders

Visiting staff should ensure that they implement their institutions behaviour policy consistently and fairly while at the Gardens and ensure that the young people in their charge are familiar with the behaviour policy in advance of their visit. Expectations and sanctions should be clearly explained.

It is the responsibility of visiting staff to ensure that group dynamics are conducive to achieving a positive learning atmosphere. All of our staff have undergone DBS checks, but we ask not to be placed in a position where we could be compromised. Schools retain pastoral care and visiting staff are expected to complete risk assessments before visiting.

It is the schools responsibility to monitor children in the toilets and at lunchtime. Where requested, we will guide you through activities in the Gardens with your assistance.

Rewarding good behaviour

We want you to have a fantastic time with us. This is a very special place and we will be working hard to ensure that you have a chance to try new and interesting activities and have lots of fun.

As you become more used to our way of working you will become more independent, more self confident and more understanding of others. The more effort you make, the more you will get out of the experience. We will let you know when we like what you are doing.

This policy will reviewed annually.