Easter Spotter

Come join in our Easter Spotter

1 April 2021 10am to 30 April 2021 5pm

Easter Spotter event image

Come join in our Easter Spotter from 1 - 30 April (activity finishes at 3pm on the last day)

If you live locally and plan to visit us in April with children, remember to book your self-guided Easter Spotter from 1 - 30 April.

Like the Pumpkin and Santa’s Present spotters there will not be a prize, but at only a £1 we hope the Easter Spotter will provide a focus as you enjoy your visit. Collect your Spotter on site when you arrive, and for those who need it, or want it, remember to photograph the “Extra Clues Map”. Your feedback indicated that a map was sometimes (but not always) missed, and working this way helps us reduce costs, and cuts back on wasteful printing.

Easter Spotter £1