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Hampshire Outdoor Centres is a fantastic place to work and to develop your skills in a range of roles including instructional, managerial, business support and administration, hospitality, facilities management and more.

Our centres are recognised and affiliated by many sporting National Governing Body award providers which allows us to deliver a great range of instructor qualifications and awards.

Utilising the fantastic equipment and facilities of our sites alongside our experienced instructional team – we can offer a diverse range of outdoor qualifications to help you improve your skills.

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The Outdoor Instructor apprenticeship programme

We’re inviting young adults (aged 17-24) to consider starting a career in Outdoor Education. We are particularly keen to attract interest from those in minority ethnic communities, but anyone aged 17-24 can apply (as long as they are aged 18 by the time the apprenticeship starts). This Career Development Programme aims to enhance participants personal development and encourage a career path which they may not have considered before.

Free taster day and residential worth £1,400 per person

We’re offering a free taster day and two-week, full-board residential Apprenticeship Foundation Course, split across Calshot Activities Centre and Argoed Lwyd Outdoor Education Centre in August 2022. Participants will develop new skills and build their personal confidence. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends from different cultures whilst developing new skills and exploring the unique employment opportunities here at Hampshire Outdoor Centres.

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