'Climb' Mount Everest during the Jubilee Weekend at Calshot Activities Centre

May 5 2022

Adults climbing the wall

Join us on Saturday 4 June to climb the height of Everest - that’s nearly 8,900m!

Take part with family and friends and contribute towards ascending the great heights of Mount Everest during the Jubilee weekend.

Whether you’re a climbing pro or new to the sport, every metre counts towards the final tally. We’ll tick off landmarks such as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and Mount Kilimanjaro on our way to reaching Everest.

For experienced climbers, join us on the recreational climbing walls where the height of every ascending route will go towards the final total.

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Children climbing

For those younger or less experienced at climbing, Take Off activities offer a great alternative. Make your way to the top of our Tetris, speed climbing and icicle themed routes and be gently lowered by our auto belay systems. Every climb will be tallied and go towards meeting the Everest target!

Accessible climbing options are also available.

A session costs just £5, that’s more than 40% off a regular Take Off or recreational climbing session. Plus, all proceeds will go towards The Gurkha Welfare Trust who help Gurkha veterans, their families, and their wider communities to live their lives with dignity in Nepal.

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Why not make a day of it?

Record-breaking adventurer Adrian Hayes joins us for our Everest challenge. He is famed for completing the Three Poles Challenge in a world record time and has also featured in documentaries for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. He will be giving a talk at Calshot talking about his experience exploring the world. Tickets available now.

Adrian Hayes, Himalayas

After your climbing session, there’s plenty more to explore at Calshot. Ramp up the fun and zoom down the slopes on Ringos or spend the day exploring Calshot Spit and visit the historic Calshot Castle. Take a stroll along the beach and enjoy refreshments in the café.

Join us for the whole weekend

Following the Everest challenge, on Sunday afternoon Calshot will be hosting a Jubilee lunch.

We are bringing the community together with afternoon tea, entertainment, and a licensed bar to the backdrop of views across the Solent.

Come for the day and enjoy a walk along the beach or book an activity in the hangar or visit the castle.

Book online now with discounted tickets available for families.