Crew Adventures - Episode 4

Jul 7 2022

Harry, one of the instructors at Calshot Activities Centre, standing in front of some high mountain peaks.

Life is one great adventure. By choice or fate, the paths we take can change in an instant, but those twists and turns are what define us and the lives we live. In this episode of Crew Adventures, Harry, one of our activity instructors at Calshot, speaks to us about how falling in love with the outdoors from an early age has shaped his life.

From childhood adventures in the Alps to joining the Army Reserves and scouting unclimbed peaks in Greenland, Harry’s journey so far has certainly been an adventure. Lockdown caused him to re-evaluate and turn his passion into a career by joining the team at Calshot Activities Centre. Now he’s part of the crew at Calshot and propelling his skills even further, it seems the best is yet to come!

Climbers on a snowy mountain peak
Climbers ascending the high peaks