From fun to family bonding

How Hampshire Outdoor Centres can bring you closer together.

Apr 17 2023

A family enjoying canoeing at Calshot

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It's no secret that taking part in outdoor activities is a great way to build stronger communication, trust, and friendships and have long been a staple in team-building days for children and adults alike.

The benefits of team building exercises aren’t limited to schools and workplaces, however. All families, including blended, foster and adoptive families, can reap the rewards of taking on outdoor adventures together. We’ve rounded up some of the top ways a visit to one of our outdoor centres can strengthen bonds within your family.

Canoeing or double kayaking

Hit the water in a canoe or double kayak for an exhilarating opportunity bring you and your child closer together. You’ll need to work together to propel through the water, avoid clashing paddles, and stay afloat. Communication and attentiveness are the secret to success when it comes to activities like this. Let your child take the lead and set the pace to encourage open conversation about what they need from you.

Rock climbing

Roped rock climbing is a thrilling way to bring you and your child closer together. Take on the role of belayer as they climb to help them feel safe and secure, keeping their ropes tight and preventing any potential falls. As a belayer, you'll need to stay focused, communicate effectively and support your child's weight. This all provides a unique opportunity to develop your communication skills and demonstrate how your child can trust you to support them.

A family having fun rope climbing

High ropes

Exhilarating and heart-pumping, the high ropes activity in our Half Day Adventures (at Tile Barn and Runway's End) are a firm team-building favourite for a reason, and there’s no reason why this can’t apply to families too. Tackling scary things like heights can be daunting, and even for the bravest of adventurers the high ropes course can feel risky. Encouraging them through something that feels dangerous is a great way to prove to your child that they can trust you and your guidance.

Cooking together

Okay, this one isn’t technically an outdoor activity, but if you’ve booked a camping trip to one of our centres or you’re giving bushcraft a try at Tile Barn, you could turn cooking time into family time. Research shows that encouraging children to get stuck into cooking with the family encourages the development of close bonds. As well as this, it’s an excellent opportunity to show how valuable their contributions are to the family. Whether they chop an onion or get stirring, they’re helping prepare a meal for everybody, which is especially vital to fuel your action-packed trip!

No matter which activities you choose, a visit to one of Hampshire’s outdoor centres is sure to provide the opportunity to grow closer as a family. For more information and to book, visit our website.

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