Five reasons to treat that special someone to an action experience

Dec 4 2023

A group of 6 children in helmets hold snowboards and celebrate

When you’re choosing presents for your loved ones, there are so many options. But one that might not have crossed your mind is a gift experience. While there are other more traditional presents that you can choose from, there are plenty of reasons to buy an action and adventure experience instead.

Here are our five top reasons.

An adult and two children wearing white helmets pull on a rope

1. A great way to make memories

Giving someone an experience, particularly one where you can join them, is a perfect way to create memories with them. In two, five, or ten-years’ time, your loved one will be able to look back and laugh at the experience you shared and reflect fondly on the time you spent together. When you give someone an event or an experience, you’re giving them the chance to create happy memories that will last them a lifetime.

A man in a blue tshirt and white helmet smiles standing next to an assault course

2. A brilliant gift for people who are hard to buy for

Buying for someone who has everything and promises they don’t want a gift can be tricky. Luckily, even if they’ve got all the latest gadgets, gift experiences are something they won’t have. As useful as socks, jumpers and toiletry sets are, watch their face light up with delight as look forward to an action adventure instead. You can either buy them a voucher for something they already love but don’t get to do very often or surprise them with the opportunity to try something new!

A woman enjoys ringos

3. More sustainable than traditional presents

Holidays and celebrations are times of over-consumption and create a lot of rubbish. With climate anxiety increasing, people are looking for ways to express how much they care without contributing to waste. Gift experiences are perfect for this. They’re events rather than things and so you don’t need to worry about them ending up in landfill or causing environmental problems. Gift experiences are an eco-friendly way of showing someone you care for them.

A child in a sunhat and sunglasses smiles at the camera from a kayak

4. A chance to try something new

Has your recipient ever wanted to try paddlesports? Have they been reading up on winging and dreaming of getting out on the open water? It can be easy to let daily life get in the way of new hobbies and experiences. Buying someone a gift experience gives them the chance to prioritise trying something new and take some time for themselves. Your present might even introduce them to a favourite hobby or passion.

A child prepares to fire an archery arrow

5. They’re enjoyable

There’s nothing more exhilarating than getting outside your comfort zone and going on an adventure. So why not give your loved one the gift of that excitement? Just think about how happy they’ll be when they’re racing down a dry ski slope or speeding around a velodrome, feeling the wind whipping through their hair.

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