Home activity pack

Dec 1 2021

Our expert instructors have put together ten fun and educational activities to try at home with the kids. So if you’re looking for ideas to bring the adventure closer to home or just keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, then look no further.

How to take part

Have a go at the challenges listed below: you’ll find links to downloadable activity instruction sheets, some of which have helpful videos too.

All tasks have been designed to be suitable for children aged 5+ with adult support.

The challenges vary in difficulty to make them suitable across a broad age range.


Children must be supervised during these activities.

Additional safety points can be found on the individual activity instructions.

1. Climbing knots

The most commonly used knot to tie a climber into a harness is a re-threaded figure of 8 with a stopper knot. Follow our videos to learn how to tie these knots.

Download the Climbing knots challenge

2. Sock archery

Arm yourself with three clean socks and test your aim at your newly created paper target. Try out different tasks to perfect your throwing technique.

Download the sock archery challenge

3. The Towers of Hanoi

The Towers of Hanoi is a famous mathematical puzzle. In this activity we're challenging you to use your design and construction skills to make the puzzle and then to solve it.

Download the Towers of Hanoi challenge

4. Bridge build

Become a designer and engineer from the comfort of your own home to create and build a sturdy bridge.

Download the bridge build challenge

5. Garden study

If you're lucky enough to have a garden to explore, you can make a quadrat study of the wildlife in your garden by counting and recording what you see within a set area of ground.

Download the garden study challenge

6. Soil study

Unleash your inner scientist and study the nature and properties of soil.

Download the soil study challenge

7. Sound mapping

Take some time out of your day to stop, listen and connect with nature.

Download the soil study challenge

8. Nightline

Follow a string tail set up around your house or garden while blindfolded, utilising your other senses and communicating dangers to others.

Download the nightline challenge

9. Orienteering

Make an orienteering map of one or more rooms and create a course for someone else at home.

Download the orienteering challenge

10. Make your own sailing boat

Use our handy sailing boat diagram to learn about the different parts of a sailing boat used at Calshot Activities Centre. Then, have a go at creating your own boat.

Download the Towers of Hanoi challenge

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