Calshot Activities Centre Association and Clubs

Calshot Activities Centre Association

Calshot Association is the representative body for site users, be they individuals, clubs or other groups using CAC facilities regularly.
The objectives of the Association are to:

  • act as the formal link between Centre local management and Centre users regarding facilities provided and their day to day operation
  • raise funds for specific facilities and projects at the Centre, as agreed with its Director
  • represent the views of site users to other parts of the County Council and external agencies and organisations, as necessary

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Calshot Clubs

Wind/kitesurfing, caravanning and camping and angling often occupy overlapping areas of the Calshot site. Experience has shown that day to day supervision and management of these activities is necessary to minimise detrimental effects to site users.

The most economic and effective way for Calshot Activities Centre ("the Centre") to do this is to support users in running their own, low cost, independent clubs, which provide a framework for organisation of their activities. Operation of the clubs is overseen by the Centre management on behalf of the County Council in its role as landlord.
Centre membership is required to join many clubs or take advantage of onsite storage facilities.