Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Your most commonly asked questions.

Can I bring my own track bike?

Yes. See below:


Must be a track bike. No ‘fixie’ bikes.

Bar ends plugs must be fitted and secure.

Frame must not have braze-ons or extraneous fittings.

Tyres and wheels:

  • Do not use brand new tyres on the track without first preparing them; rub with white vinegar and/or sand before use.
  • Single compound black tread only and in good condition.
  • Width 23mm min.
  • Tubulars must be cemented and not taped
  • No quick release spindles
  • Wheel spindles should not extend beyond the track nuts, front and rear and should be sawn off flush with the nut and filed smooth.


Max 170mm with BB height of 285cm or greater.


81 > 84 inch recommended

No spare sprocket on double rear hub

Chain tension should be tight enough to avoid derailing but not so tight it ‘binds’ the drivetrain.

Pedal must be either:

  1. Road / track specific clipless pedals with adequate tension and cleats in good condition, or:
  2. Traditional pedals with toeclips and straps.

Other pedal types, including MTB/touring clipless pedals and Velcro strapped pedals are not permitted.

What electrical devices can I use?

Riders must not carry any object or device on their person or on their bike that could fall onto the track.

Riders may not wear or use any music player, recorder, or radio communication system. Neither may riders use video recording equipment on their person, on their bike, or fixed to any of the perimeter railings.

Any electronic device with display (for instance speedometer or power meter) must be attached securely and positioned so that it cannot be read by the rider whilst in motion.

What equipment can I hire?

If you wish to hire equipment for sessions not run by Calshot Activities Centre, you will need to view our conditions of hire and pay in reception.


Assortment of sizes available.


1 x 12”/ 30cm Isla Reis 20 – Toe clip pedals

3 x 39cm Dolan Kadet – Toe clips pedals

3 x 45cm Dolan Pre Cursa

21 x 50cm - 60 Dolan pre Cursa

  • Pedals must not be swapped or changed on our bikes.
  • Bikes 1 to 4 have toe clips not clipless pedals.
  • Bikes 5 and above Look Keo Easy.
  • Look Keo Easy pedals please note these pedals are not designed for maximal effort riding. Look Keo Black cleats must not be worn.
  • Please do not ride the bike outside of the Velodrome.
  • The weight limit for our hire bikes is 109kg (17st 2lbs) and the minimum height is 1.3 metres (4ft 5in)


Sizes 4 – 14. If you wish to bring your own shoes, we use Look Keo pedals so Look Keo cleats can be worn (red or grey cleats only). Please note that other makes are not necessarily compatible – even if they say that they are. You may not bring your own pedals for use on our hire bikes.

What should I wear?

During the winter months the indoor temperature is frequently below 5 degrees C please dress accordingly.

As a minimum, cyclists must cover shoulders, torso and legs above knee.

The following are optional, but we strongly recommend cyclists wear:

  • Long sleeves
  • Leggings or close-fitting trousers (jeans are not recommended)
  • Two layers of clothing above waist (a base layer and long-sleeved top is ideal)
  • Cycling gloves (full finger in winter/ colder weather)
  • Overshoes (for winter/ colder weather)
  • Shoes: If you wish to bring your own shoes we use Look Keo pedals so Look Keo cleats can be worn (red or grey cleats only). Please note that other makes are not necessarily compatible – even if they say that they are. You may not bring your own pedals for use on our hire bikes.

If your personal helmet has a peak fitted, it must be removed. No other fixings to helmets are allowed, including lights, cameras and mascots.

Do you have an Accreditation?

We have now developed and standardised our four stages to be in line with other UK velodromes. London have now recognised our process. If you wish to take part and follow our process you will be sent your competency form when you book stage 3 or higher.

Our stage four session incorporates elements from SQT sessions that you might find at other velodromes.

What if I am accredited elsewhere?

To validate accredited riders from other UK indoor velodromes, riders must have proof of their accreditation (e.g BC UKIVA endorsement).

Once we have suitable evidence you will be able to bypass and be able to join our stage 3.

Please contact the centre via [email protected] to discuss.

What if I have not ridden the track for a long time?
Completed: Moving to: Maximum elapsed time between sessions: If longer than maximum elapsed time, a rider must either repeat or move back a stage as follows:
Stage 1 Stage 2 4 months Repeat Stage 1 or Complete Slipstream
Slipstream or Stage 2 Stage 3 4 months Repeat Slipstream or Stage 2
Stage 3 Second Stage 3 6 months Repeat Slipstream or Stage 2
Second Stage 3 Second Stage 4 6 months Repeat Stage 3
Stage 4 Stage 4 6 months Back to Stage 3

Please contact the centre 02380892077 or [email protected] if you are unsure of what stage to book and/or if you feel you have suitable experience to bypass or remaining on stages, i.e. accredited and/or ride at another track, ride other coached session at Calshot, regular Calshot rider.