Experiences and Courses


Laser Climb

10 min sessions | all ages | £6

Test your wits against the laser wall. These interactive climbing games have multiple difficulty levels - the exciting active play technology means the games can be adjusted to suit kids as well as the toughest adult. It’s fun and a fantastic workout!

No need to book in advance - simply pay and play on the day! Purchase a £4.00 time code lasting 10 minutes from Calshot reception or climbing wall.

Recommended time code purchases per group size:

  • 1 or 2 people– one £6 time code purchase (one 10 minute slot)
  • 3 or more people – two £6 time code purchases (two 10 minute slots)

Each game lasts between approximately 30 to 60 seconds. Participants can rotate during games (if no more than two people are within the game area) and in between games. Recommended maximum group size 8 people.

Session time starts from time code entry. To avoid disappointment, make sure to read the Laser Climb information before starting! During busy periods you may experience a short delay before you can access the activity. You can always stay and watch others take on the wall or visit our café while you wait.

Laser climb

Take Off experience

45 minute session |  ages 6+  |  £12

Make your way to the top of our tetris, speed climbing and icicle themed routes! This is an excellent introduction to climbing and will test your head for heights. It's as simple as harness on, clip in and TAKE OFF!

Height restrictions: no minimum height

Looking for the perfect way to entertain a group? Take a look at exclusive hire of the Take Off wall for parties.

A young person on the climbing wall

Roped Climbing experience

From 1 hour |  ages 4+  |  From £18

A fun selection of experience sessions for those who wish to try climbing and reach new heights! These sessions are perfect if you’re wanting to learn the ropes, join the wall as a member or our climbing clubs, or just give it a go!

An experienced member of our team will get you kitted up and assist you as you scale the impressive height of the Calshot climbing walls. These experience sessions will give you an idea of what roped climbing is all about!

All specialist equipment is provided.

  • For adult and family sessions, 12 to 15-year-olds must be accompanied by a participating adult
  • If your child is younger, or adult participation is not possible, please look at our experience sessions for children.

Person preparing to climb the wall

Climbing experiences for adults and families

Climbing experiences for children

Learn to Climb

Beginner's course

6 hour course |  ages 12+  |  £95

Always wanted to go climbing but never had the skills? Our beginner's course will teach you how to rope climb, belay, tie knots and climb safely with one of our experienced instructors. We’ll also teach you how to use our bouldering wall and auto belays*.

Fast track your way to becoming a member of The Wall. Complete this 6 hour course in one day or over two evenings. If you choose to complete the course over two evenings, they will be delivered over two sessions at the same time seven days apart.

We want to help you to continue climbing after the course and have included one month of FREE unlimited climbing from the end date of your course. Learn more by taking a look at our membership options.

Those aged 12 – 15 years must be accompanied by a participating adult. If your child is younger, or adult participation is not possible, please look at the introductory sessions for our children and youth climbing clubs.

*An auto belay is a self-regulating braking system which automatically takes in slack as you climb and gently lowers you to the ground.

Auto belay and Bouldering induction

45 minute session |  ages 18+  |  £18

Interested only in bouldering / auto belay* climbing? This induction course will teach you how.

This course will also allow you to supervise your children bouldering/using our auto belays at The Wall.

*An auto belay is a self-regulating braking system which automatically takes in slack as you climb and gently lowers you to the ground.

Young people learning to climb

Learn to Lead

Climbing - Indoor Leading

3 hour session |  ages 16+  | from £66

Make the move from top roping to leading indoors with confidence.

Participants should be climbing grade F5 and able to belay confidently to participate on this course.

A climber ascending The Wall.

Refresher Course

Climbing Refresher Course

1 hour 30 minutes session |  ages 16+  |  £28

Update your knowledge before taking our membership assessment for recreational climbing.