Calshot Activities Centre marine rules

Marine rules for all users

  1. These marine rules are in addition to Calshot Activities Centre site rules ( CAC Site Rules ) which must also be observed.

  2. Centre facilities including boat storage is available at customers own risk. In the event of theft, damage to property or injury to persons, Hampshire County Council accepts no liability unless there is any negligence on the part of Hampshire County Council, its servants or agents. All sailing dinghies, catamarans, trimarans, wind or kite boards, caravans and any other property brought onto site must be insured against public liability claims to at least £½ million, all powered craft (other than tenders) and all vehicles insured to at least £2 million.

  3. Launching is not permitted overnight i.e. between 2300 and 0700 as associated vehicle movements may cause disturbance to residential customers.

  4. Kitesurfing is only permitted for those who are members of the kitesurf club (CACA windsurf club rules ). Kitesurfing members must heed advice given by 24/7 Boardsports regarding risk to themselves and others whilst on the water. Members considered to be endangering themselves or others will be asked to leave the site.

  5. No obstruction or hindrance is to be caused to any shipping using the main channel adjacent to the Centre. Failure to comply is likely to result in prosecution by the Southampton Harbour Master and/or exclusion from site.

  6. The sailing area south west of the main slip way, behind Sopwith Hangar and extending into the creek is a dedicated watersports area (sailing, windsurfing and paddlesports) which is also used by the centre. Powered craft must not exceed 6 knots in this area unless providing safety cover for the above activities. Furthermore, all power craft must observe a speed limit of 4 knots within 100 metres of the slipways, jetty and shoreline.

  7. The Centre request that personal water craft (jet skis) operate in The Solent south east of Sunderland Hangar, away from all watersports activities, but must still adhere to the speed limit of 4 knots within 100 metres of the shoreline.

  8. Slipways and slipway access are to be kept clear for use, by parking cars in the main car park and by rigging up boats away from the slip. The RNLI lane on the main slip must always be clear.

  9. All instructions given by Centre staff, Security or Site Attendants are to be followed.

  10. Craft and boards can only be stored on site with permission from the Centre and appropriate storage fees must be paid in advance. Any unauthorised craft found stored on site will be treated as abandoned and Rule 14 will apply.

  11. Boat storage and windsurf storage customers must only use their allocated space and not move to another space without prior agreement from the Centre. Please do not park cars in boat storage bays. Please notify the centre if you intend to remove your boat or board for long periods of time.

  12. To enable us to identify craft or boards belonging to approved boat or board storage customers or annual launch customers, Centre staff will affix identification stickers to boat trailers or board storage racks. We reserve the right to move craft, trailers or boards at owners risk, if improperly parked, moored or unidentifiable.

  13. Craft must be adequately restrained against the high winds which are a feature of the site. You must obtain permission from the Director to install holding down points or heavy blocks. These must be installed within the designated bay, be clearly marked and not cause a trip hazard.

  14. If at any time storage fees payable to the Centre by any customer or former customer are more than 2 weeks in arrears, or the former customer has abandoned his/her property, or unidentifiable boats, trailers, boards are found:-
    1. The Director shall be entitled, upon giving one month’s notice in writing to the member or former customer at his/her last known address, and / or posting notices upon the item for one month, to sell the property and deduct any monies due to the Centre from the net proceeds of the sale.
    2. The Director shall be entitled to move the boat/windsurfer or trailer to any part of the premises without being liable for any loss or damage to it however caused.
    3. The Centre shall, always, have a lien over customers’ or former customers’ or other persons’ boats, trailers or windsurfers stored on the Centre’s premises, in respect of the monies due to the Centre.

  15. The main (North) slipway (by the Jetty), can be very busy, the RNLI and the Centre have priority. Beware launching one hour either side of extreme low water springs when there may be insufficient water. Trailers are to be returned to your boat park space or the public trailer park. The western slipway in the creek can be more a sheltered option but is only usable either side of HW and will vary depending upon size of craft.

  16. Mooring on the pontoon is free of charge for short periods up to 20 minutes. Please seek permission from the Director to moor for longer periods. Mooring charges apply and should be paid in advance. Any craft found on the pontoon without the appropriate payment will be treated as abandoned and Rule 14 will apply.

  17. The eastern slipway is secured by a gate and is not for public use.

  18. Boats and PW craft are not to be left unattended when on the slipways or tied up by the jetty stairs, these are needed for Centre use.

  19. Craft and trailers must be stored in a safe manner and spaces kept clean and tidy. Storage of road trailers which occupy a space additional to that allocated to the boat is not permitted.

  20. Failure to pay annual boat park/storage renewal fees by the due date of 1st March or other publicised deadline will result in cancellation of the allocated space, which will be offered to persons on the waiting list. Boats/trailers/boards occupying spaces for which payment has been either not been made or not accepted, will be treated as abandoned, see Marine Rule 14 above.

  21. Electricity is available to boat storage customers via RCD protected outlets at the centre, eastern and western ends of the low wooden fence at the rear of the quay and also by the Schneider Hangar entrance. Persons using these supplies are responsible for ensuring that any appliances and leads connected are safe to use. If power is lost, either a new token (available to purchase from reception), needs to be inserted in the meter, or the RCD switch in the local supply box needs to be reset, once the defective appliance has been disconnected. If power is still lost, customers should contact reception.

  22. All waste including hazardous waste, waste oil, batteries and paint must be removed from site.

  23. The use of boats as living accommodation ashore is not permitted.

  24. The use of Welding, cutting and grinding tools is not permitted unless specific permission gained from senior management.

Marine advice

  1. All water users should be able to swim 50 metres and should wear life jackets or buoyancy aids when afloat in small craft, including windsurfers/kitesurfers.

  2. All boats, including wind/kite surfers, should comply with MCA Codes of Practice for operation and safety equipment and operate within the areas specified by the Centre, see Visitor Information map.

  3. Information on current and recent wind speeds and direction is available on the internet. Tide tables may be available to purchase from reception.

  4. Calshot Activities Centre provides boat storage facilities. Police advise that in the interests of security, trailers should be secured with high quality wheel clamps and ball hitch locks, covered with taped up plastic bags. Police also recommend that owners of adjacent boats exchange phone numbers, to advise each other of suspicious behaviour or when the boat is taken off site. Attractive easily removed items such as fishing gear, radios or outboards should be taken away or heavily secured.

  5. All thefts are to be reported immediately to Hythe Police 0845 0454545 and to the Duty Receptionist or Duty Manager. CCTV cameras are in operation, prompt reporting enables the recording to be viewed by Police with the appropriate authorisation. There is also night security on duty throughout the year and the site gate is locked overnight.

  6. In the event of theft, damage to property or injury to persons, Hampshire County Council accepts no liability unless there is any negligence on the part of Hampshire County Council, its servants or agents.

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Revised February 2021