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New for 2019!

Aero Trek

Aero Trek

Experience the thrill of an aerial trekking course in the roof of a World War One Aircraft Hangar.

Can you tackle our adrenalin-pumping challenges, including a zipline, as you make your way round our Aero Trek course?

Recommended for those who are more comfortable at height

The session includes briefing, kit up and practice before experiencing the Aero Trek course.

Eight obstacles including a zip line to test your nerve and challenge yourself.

Parents or guardians must remain in the centre whilst your child is participating.

Must be 1.4m in height and minimum age 10 years.

If you are not comfortable with heights why not try Take Off or Laser Climb first...

Check availability and book

Take Off

Aero Trek

Climb your way to the top of our fun themed tetris, speed climbing and macro routes!

The automatic belay devices take in the slack while you climb, lowering you smoothly to the ground. It's as simple as harness on, clip in, TAKE OFF!

Minimum age 6 years old.

Check availability and book


Aero Trek

Ramp up the fun as you zoom down the slopes in an inflatable ringo!

This laugh-out-loud activity is great fun for everyone, whatever age or ability, as there’s no skill needed whatsoever!

No minimum age, however very small children will need to be accompanied by an adult in the same Ringo.

Check availability and book