Runway's End booking terms and conditions

Specific use conditions

The County Council welcomes the use of its Centres by young people who are members of approved groups or organisations, and who are competently led by an approved leader who is responsible for their behaviour, conduct, safety and pastoral care.

You will appreciate that the Council has to ensure that people using our Centres:

  • Are competent to carry out their programme of activities so that safety is not compromised
  • Are not responsible for any incident which could embarrass the excellent relationship which the Centres have with the local community
  • Respect the countryside and only use approved routes or rights of way

1. Office hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to close the office at short notice, if this need arises then a notice will be displayed on the door giving the location of the Duty Manager and an estimated time of return. During busy periods the opening hours may be extended and a notice to this effect will be displayed in the office.

2. Out of hours service

In an emergency, contact should be made with the appropriate emergency services by the usual means. Please inform the Duty Manager if you have contacted any of the emergency services and they are attending the Centre.

If urgent contact needs to be made with a representative from HCC, a list of telephone numbers is displayed on the door of the reception.

3. Access to the centre

3.1 The right of admission to Runways End Outdoor Centre is reserved.

3.2 Authorised access to the centre is restricted to persons who have pre-booked. Persons calling at the centre without a booking on the required day of use are not accepted.

3.3 Leaders are advised that the centre is not guaranteed secure and persons may gain unauthorised access to the centre, appropriate measures should be implemented to ensure the safety of persons under their charge. Details of persons officially using the centre may be obtained from the reception.

3.4 All persons using the centre shall wear an official provided identification at all times.

4. Booking

4.1 Booking enquiries can be made via this website or alternatively you can telephone the Centre who will send out the necessary paperwork. Once the booking form has been submitted you will receive confirmation, either by e-mail or post, as to whether or not it is accepted (we advise customers to telephone and check availability before completing a booking form). A booking form is required with each booking.

4.2 Provisional (unconfirmed) bookings are held for a period of 14 days after which they will be cancelled without further notice unless a deposit has been received.

4.3 Bookings made more than 1 calendar month of the start date are only considered to be confirmed bookings on payment of a deposit.

4.2 The leader/person with pastoral responsibility named on the booking form must be aged over 18 years, hold the relevant qualifications and stay on-site with the group throughout their visit.

4.3 Hampshire County Council Schools/HCC Youth Groups must submit a completed Off-site Activities Approval Form prior to their visit.

4.4 For non-Hampshire County Council Schools, equivalent authorisation from the Headteacher/Board of Governors or LEA is required.

4.5 For non-Hampshire County Council groups equivalent authorisation from your Governing Body/Head of Establishment is required.

4.6 A copy of our Generic Site Risk Assessment (Hazard Information Sheet) is available to download from our website, or upon request from our office. Group leaders are responsible for carrying out their own risk assessment, based on the group they are bringing, and should keep this for their own records.

4.7 On arrival at the Centre, the Group Leader must report to reception, submit a copy of their intended programme and provide emergency contact numbers. The Centre will keep copies of medical forms for their records and will charge, at the prevailing rate per copy, should these not be provided.

4.8 Group Leaders must also notify Centre Staff about any visitors to the Centre during their stay and ensure that, upon arrival, visitors sign in and receive an ID at reception.

5. Payment

5.1 Coach drivers who stay over are classed as adults and will be liable for the relevant accommodation fee. Groups must arrange this detail with the coach company concerned.

5.2 FORGE LODGE residential groups: A non refundable deposit of 50% of the accommodation cost (or £200, whichever is the greater) is required to confirm the booking.

5.3 All other groups: A non refundable deposit of £200 is required with each booking.

Where the total cost of the visit is predicted to be less than £200, a deposit of £50 or the full predicted charge whichever is the lesser will be required.

No deposit is required from D of E camping groups, but full booking conditions still apply.

An invoice for your deposit will be sent to your invoice address unless you request otherwise.

5.4 All bookings received within 14 days of the visit will need to be paid in full at the time of the booking. If payment is not received the Centre reserves the right to cancel the booking.

5.5 At the end of your stay Group Leaders need to sign their booking form to confirm their stay. An invoice will be sent within 7 working days. Groups can only pay by cash or cheque (made payable to Hampshire County Council) upon arrival in exceptional circumstances and this must be pre-agreed by our finance department.

5.6 Group Leaders are responsible for payment of all charges, including loss or damage to site equipment and any malicious damage caused during the stay.

5.7 Missing or maliciously damaged items from the centre will automatically be charged for at replacement value plus 5% administration charge on your invoice and a credit will be sent if the items are returned.

6. Cancellation by Centre: The Centre reserves the right to cancel your booking due to adverse weather conditions or factors out of our control. If we have to cancel your booking we will try to organise an alternative date. If this is not acceptable we will offer the appropriate refund.

7. Cancellation by Customer: All cancellations must be made in writing to the Centre (fax or e-mail is acceptable). A change of date or significant change to booking constitutes cancellation. For Duke of Edinburgh groups, if the total number of campers stated on the booking form either increases or decreases by 10%, the centre must be informed as soon as possible and at least 30 days prior to the date of your booking. A reduction constitutes a cancellation. Between 29 days and the date of your booking, we will invoice you based on the numbers stated on your booking form, unless greater at the time of stay.

The Centre operates the following cancellation procedure:

1. Forge Lodge Groups

  • Cancellation 60 days or more prior to confirmed booking: Loss of deposit.
  • Cancellation 59 days or less prior to confirmed booking: You will be charged the full cost of the accommodation part of your proposed visit, based on the information supplied on your booking form.

2. All Other Groups

  • Cancellation 60 days or more prior to confirmed booking: Loss of deposit.
  • Cancellation 59 to 30 days prior to confirmed booking: You will be charged 50% of the cost of your proposed visit (or your deposit if greater), based on the information supplied on your booking form.
  • Cancellation 29 days or less prior to confirmed booking: You will be charged the full cost of your proposed visit based on the information supplied on your booking form.

8. Physical Fitness/Safety

8.1 All the activities are physically demanding and may involve bending, lifting, balancing, jumping, climbing, stretching, and demand a degree of co-ordination. You should ensure that you & your group have an adequate level of fitness for the activities being undertaken. If you are unsure discuss this with the Centre.

8.2 If there are any medical conditions relating to yourself or your group you must inform us when making your booking. We strongly recommend that if any member of your group has a medical condition or is pregnant etc that they check with their Doctor and the Centre before making a booking.

8.3 It is the responsibility of the group leader, parents or carers to ensure that the Centre staff are aware of any extra ordinary specific medical or other condition which could place a participant or the group at risk, and to ensure that Centre staff are aware of how to respond appropriately to an incident involving the participant. In these cases simply filling in the medical questionnaire is not regarded as sufficient.

8.4 Everyone taking part in water sports activities should be able to swim 50 metres in light clothing & those Mountain Biking must be able to competently ride a bike. It is not the centres responsibility to teach anyone how to ride a bike or to swim.

8.5 All groups must comply with the safety regulations, operating procedures and instructions of Centre Staff.

8.6 We require medical information for all participants taking part in Centre led activities. For under 18’s we also require parental consent. A copy of our medical form can be downloaded from our website. The Centre must keep copies of these medical forms for our records. These must be provided by the Group Leader at the beginning of the stay. An appropriate charge will be made should the Centre need to make copies for our records.

8.7 We require specific permission from parents/carers for a participant to take part in Air Rifle Shooting. Consent must be signed for on the medical form.

8.8 We occasionally take photos of participants for publicity, including on our own website. Consent must be agreed to or refused by signing the appropriate section on the medical form.

8.9 Misbehaviour may result in participants being excluded from a session or from further activities. We will discuss the situation with the Group Leader and they may be required to remove the participant from the Centre. The Duty Manager’s decision will be final, no refund will be made.

8.10 Visitors shall not use any accommodation/premises in a way that may cause damage to the premises or any other centre or personal property, or in a way that may cause personal injury to any person.

8.11 Any electrical equipment brought on site and used there shall be safe and in good working order, and used in a safe manor compliant with any health and safety requirements of Hampshire County Council which relate to the premises.

9. Weather

9.1 Camping and some activities occur in areas open to the elements. It is the groups’ responsibility to ensure that they take the weather into account when making their booking and have contingency plans in place. If you decide to cancel during your stay due to the weather then you will be charged the full cost.

9.2 Every effort will be made by the Centre to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as reasonably possible. There are procedures in place should the weather impact on your stay. In the event of severe weather it may be necessary to amend your activity programme, curtail your stay or for your group to return home.

9.3 The staff at Runways End Outdoor Centre have local knowledge and experience of varying weather conditions so will be happy to advise you on your programme in relation to the weather, or other matters.

10. Insurance

1. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurance against cancellation, curtailment, personal accident, personal liability and theft. We strongly recommend this.

2. Hampshire County Council accepts no liability in relation to loss, damage or injury suffered by participants in the course of activities, except where such loss, damage or injury arose as a direct result of Hampshire County Council, its servants or agents negligence.

3. Personal property is left on site at owners’ risk.

4. We must be notified of lost property within 2 weeks as any items found are disposed of after this period.

11. General Rules

11.1 All persons using Runways End Outdoor Centre are required to comply with the general rules of the Centre. Failure to comply with the rules could result in the offender being asked to leave the Centre.

12. Errors, Omissions, Vat Rates

12.1 We endeavour to keep published prices and other information up to date but reserve the right to alter them at any time. You will be advised of any price changes or other relevant changes when your booking is processed and will be given the opportunity then to cancel or make amendments if desired, without penalty.

12.2 VAT if appropriate will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time of your visit.

13. Data Protection Act 1998

13.1 The information you have supplied will be used only to process this booking and for our Centre mailing list. If you do not want to receive further information about our products and services, by email or post, please advise us in writing.

14. Non enforcement

14.1 Non-enforcement of any of these conditions by Runways End Outdoor Centre on any occasion may not be taken for granted in any future similar instances and Runways End shall have the final say regarding enforcement of conditions or not and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

General Centre Rules

1. All persons and vehicles using the Centre must obey the instructions of the Duty Manager or his nominated representative.

2. Domestic animals are not permitted on the site or in the buildings. Working animals are permitted provided that they are correctly supervised.

3. Please respect the Centre curfew and ensure all your party are quiet between 2300 hrs (11 pm) and 0700 hrs (7am). Generators may not be operated during the Centre curfew.

4. The speed limit for all vehicles on the access road within to the Centre and in the main car park is 10mph. All vehicles and trailers must be parked in the main car park or as designated by the Centre Staff and display a RWE parking permit, duly completed, in the windscreen.

5. Cars are not permitted on grassed areas unless directed.

6. Hand trolleys must not be retained on campsites and should be returned to the trolley park as soon as the loading/unloading has been completed.

7. Respect other people's camping sites and walk around them.

8. Water points and the toilet block hand basins are not to be used for washing up; there is a designated washing up area next to the toilet block.

9. All rubbish is to be placed in the appropriate skips in the amenities area. Please recycle as much as possible.

10. Firearms are only permitted with the express written permission of the Centre Manager or their nominated representative on each and every occasion.

11. On arrival at the Centre, any person in possession of any firearms must report it to reception.

12. Any person suspected of causing criminal damage on the premises will be asked to leave the premises forthwith. Damage includes chopping down standing trees and shrubs, even if they appear to be dead.

13. Digging of pits/trenches for any reason is not permitted at the Centre.

14. Open fires for cooking are permitted throughout the day. Campfires are permitted in the evenings in the formal campfire area only. Fires should only be lit on permanent altar fires, existing fire pits or portable altar fires. A limited number of portable altar fires are available and can be obtained from the reception. A limited supply of wood is available. The woodpile is located in the main campsite and customers are asked to use the wood sensibly. Any unused wood must be returned to the woodpile prior to departure from the centre. Failure to return unused wood to the woodpile will result in a cleaning charge (£25+ VAT) been applied. A wood supply cannot be guaranteed.

15. The Runways End site and buildings are all non-smoking. It is against the law to smoke in any public building and smoking is only permitted in the designated area.

16. Alcohol

  • Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to drink alcohol at the Centre. Persons over the age of 18 years should not consume alcohol so that they are incapable of looking after themselves. The Duty Manager has final say in this regard.
  • Alcohol may not be consumed in view of persons less than 18 years except in the bar area.
  • It is the responsibility of the group leader to supervise the consumption of alcohol at the Centre.
  • At least one responsible visiting adult in charge of a group should not consume alcohol at all during their stay.

17. Intoxicating drugs may not be brought onto the property without a medical doctor’s permission.

18. T-shirts or other items which portray obscene language or pictures may not be brought onto the property.

19. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.

20. The rights of everyone on property to a safe and enjoyable visit without any form of harassment or threatening behaviour from anyone will be enforced via appropriate current legislation.