Tile Barn booking terms and conditions

The County Council welcomes the use of its Centres by young people who are members of approved groups or organisations, and who are competently led by an approved leader who is responsible for their behaviour, conduct, safety and pastoral care.

You will appreciate that the Council has to ensure that people using our Centres:

  • Are competent to carry out their programme of activities so that safety is not compromised
  • Are not responsible for any incident which could embarrass the excellent relationship which the Centres have with the local community
  • Respect the countryside and only use approved routes or rights of way

1. Booking

1. Bookings can be made by firstly contacting the centre to check availability and making a provisional booking. This can normally be held for 14 days. Once you have a provisional booking, an online booking form can be submitted from the website. Once the booking form has been submitted you will agree to these terms and conditions and receive an email confirmation shortly after. We urge you not to make an online booking until you have a provisional booking in place. A booking form is required with each booking.

2. The leader / person with pastoral responsibility named on the booking form must be aged over 18 years, hold the relevant qualifications and stay on-site with the group throughout their visit.

3. Hampshire County Council Schools / Youth Groups must submit a completed Off-site Activities Approval Form prior to their visit.

4. For non-Hampshire County Council Schools, equivalent authorisation from the Head teacher / Board of Governors or LEA is required.

5. For non-Hampshire County Council groups’ equivalent authorisation from your Governing Body / Head of Establishment is required.

6. A copy of our Generic Site Risk Assessment (Hazard Information Sheet) is available to download from our website, or upon request from our office. Group leaders are responsible for carrying out their own risk assessment, based on the group they are bringing, and should keep this for their own records.

7. On arrival at the Centre, the Group Leader must report to reception, submit all medical forms and a copy of their intended programme and provide emergency contact numbers. The Centre must keep copies of medical forms for their records and will charge, at the prevailing rate per copy, should these not be provided. They must also notify Centre Staff about any visitors to the Centre during their stay and ensure that, upon arrival, visitors sign in at reception.

2. Payments

1. Activity Groups – school, youth and HCC departments.
A non refundable deposit of 25% of the total cost of the programme or £300, whichever is the greater is required to secure any activity programme. This is in addition to any camping or accommodation deposit required. If the total cost of the programme is less than £300, the total cost will be payable immediately.

2. Activity Groups – All other groups.
A non refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost of the programme or £300, whichever is the greater is required to secure any activity programme. This is in addition to any camping or accommodation deposit required. If the total cost of the programme is less than £300, the total cost will be payable immediately.

3. Bunkhouse and Pod Groups
A non refundable deposit of 50% of the accommodation cost (or £200, whichever is the greater) is required at the time of booking. This deposit will be in addition to a deposit for any activity programme running alongside the residential stay.

4. All other groups (Camping, Duke of Edinburgh, Site Use and Classroom)
A non refundable deposit of £300 is required with each booking. Where the total cost of the visit is predicted to be less than £300, a £100 deposit will be required, or the full cost of the stay if less than £100. This will be in addition to any deposit required for an activity programme during your stay.

5. Payment can be made by debit/credit card by telephoning the centre. Please mention on the booking form that you will be paying by this method, otherwise we will raise an invoice to the address stated on the booking form.

6. All bookings received within 29 days of the visit will need to be paid in full at the time of the booking. If payment is not received the Centre reserves the right to cancel the booking.

7. At the end of your stay Group Leaders need to sign their booking form to confirm their stay. A final invoice will be sent within 7 working days, deducting any deposit already paid. Duke of Edinburgh Groups can alternatively pay by cash, cheque (made payable to Hampshire County Council) or debit/credit card upon arrival.

8. Group Leaders are responsible for payment of all charges, including loss or damage to site equipment and any malicious damage caused during the stay.

9. Missing or damaged items will automatically be charged for on your invoice and a credit will be sent if the items are returned.

10. If we raise a deposit or final invoice based on the details on the booking form, and in accordance with our booking conditions, an administration fee will be levied if this invoice subsequently requires a credit note or new invoice due to changes that we were not notified about in writing. We will not levy this fee if we have raised a deposit invoice and you have notified us of a change in numbers in a

3. Cancellation

Cancellation by Centre: The Centre reserves the right to cancel your booking due to adverse weather conditions or factors out of our control. If we have to cancel your booking we will try to organise an alternative date. If this is not acceptable we will offer the appropriate refund.

Cancellation by Customer: All cancellations must be made in writing to the Centre (fax or e-mail is acceptable). A change of date or significant change to booking constitutes cancellation. For Duke of Edinburgh groups, if the total number of campers stated on the booking form either increases or decreases by 10%, the centre must be informed as soon as possible and at least 30 days prior to the date of your booking. A reduction constitutes a cancellation. Between 29 days and the date of your booking, we will invoice you based on the numbers stated on your booking form, unless greater at the time of stay.

The Centre operates the following cancellation procedure:

1. Bunkhouse and Pod Groups

  • Cancellation 60 days or more prior to confirmed booking: Loss of deposit.
  • Cancellation 59 days or less prior to confirmed booking: You will be charged the full cost of the accommodation part of your proposed visit, based on the information supplied on your booking form. Any activities booked will be charged in accordance with the cancellation policy for activities below.

2. All Other Groups

  • Cancellation 60 days or more prior to confirmed booking: Loss of deposit.
  • Cancellation 59 to 30 days prior to confirmed booking: You will be charged 50% of the cost of your proposed visit (or your deposit if greater), based on the information supplied on your booking form.
  • Cancellation 29 days or less prior to confirmed booking: You will be charged the full cost of your proposed visit based on the information supplied on your booking form.

4. Physical Fitness/Safety

1. All the activities are physically demanding and may involve bending, lifting, balancing, jumping, climbing, stretching and demand a degree of co-ordination. You should ensure that you and your group have an adequate level of fitness for the activities being undertaken.

2. If there are any medical conditions relating to yourself or your group you must inform us when making your booking. We strongly recommend that if any member of your group has a medical condition or is pregnant etc that they check with their Doctor and the Centre before making a booking.

3. Everyone taking part in water activities must be confident around water. Those Mountain Biking must be able to competently ride a bike.

4. All groups must comply with the safety regulations, operating procedures and instructions of Centre Staff.

5. We require medical information for all participants taking part in Centre led activities. For under 18’s we also require parental consent. A copy of our medical form can be downloaded from our website. The Centre must keep copies of these medical forms for our records. These must be provided by the Group Leader at the beginning of the stay. An appropriate charge will be made should the Centre need to take copies for our records.

6. We occasionally take photos of participants for publicity, including on our own website. Please ensure the participant medical form you use includes the consent for this.

7. Misbehaviour may result in participants being excluded from a session or from further activities. We will discuss the situation with the Group Leader and they may be required to remove the participant from the Centre. The Duty Manager’s decision will be final, no refund will be made.

8. Visitors shall not use any accommodation / premises in a way that may cause damage to the premises or any other real or personal property, or in a way that may cause personal injury to any person.

9. Any electrical equipment brought on site and used shall be safe, in a good working order, and used in a safe manor compliant with any health and safety requirements of Hampshire County Council which relate to the premises.

5. Weather

1. Camping is an activity open to the elements. It is the groups’ responsibility to ensure that they take the weather into account when making their booking and have contingency plans in place. If you decide to cancel during your stay due to the weather then you will be charged the full cost.

2. Every effort will be made by the Centre to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as reasonably possible. There are procedures in place should the weather impact on your stay. In the event of severe weather it may be necessary to amend your activity programme, curtail your stay or for your group to return home.

3. The staff at Tile Barn Outdoor Centre have local knowledge and experience of varying weather conditions so will be happy to advise you on your programme in relation to the weather, or other matters.

6. Insurance

1. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurance against cancellation, curtailment, personal accident, personal liability and theft. We strongly recommend this.

2. Hampshire County Council accepts no liability in relation to loss, damage or injury suffered by participants in the course of activities, except where such loss, damage or injury arose as a direct result of Hampshire County Council, its servants or agents negligence.

3. Personal property is left on site at owners’ risk.

4. We must be notified of lost property within 2 weeks as any items found are disposed of after this period.

7. Animals

1. No animals are allowed within the Centre apart from guide dogs.

8. Smoking

1. The Tile Barn site and buildings are all non-smoking. It is against the law to smoke in any public building.

9. Errors, Omissions, VAT Rates

1.We endeavour to keep published prices and other information up to date but reserve the right to alter them at any time. You will be advised of any price changes or other relevant changes when your booking is processed and will be given the opportunity then to cancel or make amendments if desired, without penalty.

2. VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time of your visit.

10. Data Protection Act 1998

1.The information you have supplied will be used only to process this booking and for our Centre mailing list. If you do not want to receive further information about our products and services, by email or post, please advise us in writing.

11. Waiver

1. The failure of the Centre to insist upon strict performance of any provision of the Contract, or the failure of the Centre to exercise, or any delay in exercising, any right or remedy shall not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy and shall not cause a diminution of the obligations established by the Contract.

2. No waiver shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be a waiver and communicated in writing.

3. A waiver of any right or remedy arising from a breach of the Contract shall not constitute a waiver of any right or remedy arising from any other or subsequent breach of the Contract.

Acceptance of Booking Conditions:
All bookings are accepted on condition that the customer agrees to abide by our booking conditions and confirms this acceptance on the booking form.