Virtual Marine Explorers

Would your class like a virtual visit from a Marine Biologist, with stories of distant travels, bioluminescent night dives, tagging sharks and researching microplastics?

Feb 9 2021

Virtual marine explorers

We are really missing working with school children at the moment, especially sharing our knowledge and passion for the beach and it’s amazing wildlife. As such, we’d like to reach out to schools and offer an online marine themed session for students to engage them with this fascinating topic.

 Sessions typically last 30-45 minutes and involve a chat about the beauty and importance of our oceans, followed by a question-and-answer session.

We are aiming the sessions at Years 5 & 6 and groups of up to 20-25 students, however we are happy to discuss individual circumstances and numbers. We can work across a range of platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom).

"I really am so very grateful for today - the children are so inspired and have been pinging me lots of 'sea facts' that they have now discovered."
Year 6 Teacher, Valley Road Primary School, Jan 2021
"Year 6 found it really interesting, especially the information on micro-plastics as we are having a big drive on reducing our use of plastic in school. One of the children in school said to me afterwards "I want to be a marine biologist now." You are inspiring the next generation!"
Deputy Head Teacher, Bentley CE Primary School, Jan 2021

About the host:

Zofia has a Master's degree in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton. She is passionate about sharks and works as an environmental educator at Calshot Activities Centre. She has sailed on all the world's oceans and brought an exciting story or two from each of her travels.

If you would like to find out more, please fill in the form via this link and one of our team will get in touch. In the mean-time, why not check out our Marine Explorers video on YouTube and take a look at the Home Activity Pack, a range of activity ideas for children produced by the Hampshire Outdoor Centres.