John Muir Award

An environmental award scheme supporting people to connect with, enjoy and care for nature, landscapes and the natural environment

Tile Barn is a fantastic place for your groups to get involved in the John Muir Award.

The challenges

There are 4 challenges you will need to complete:

Educational benefits

Environmental awareness

Develop a social responsibility for the environment.

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Cooperate with others in team tasks.

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Leading and supporting

Develop leadership skills.

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Develop good listening and communication skills.

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Next steps

If you are interested in completing the Award, and need any help or support to organise the Award please contact Tile Barn.

Once you have planned how you will complete the John Muir award you will need to complete a proposal form, this will need to be completed 2 weeks prior to starting the Award.

Documents can be download from the John Muir Award website

Available at these centres