National Citizenship Service

All our Centres have a long record of working with providers for the National Citizen Service. Our NCS programmes are tailored to the team and personal development goals and requirements of each group. We offer a wide variety of water and land based outdoor activities, with a range of residential options and you can visit us for a day as well. Our ‘Challenge by Choice’ ethos enables all young people to achieve success and learn to look after others in new and inspiring settings.

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Case study

Youth Options group taking on the personal challenge of mountain biking whilst on their NCS residential week. Part of a range of activities designed to challenge, promote co-operation and confidence.

mountain biking

Educational benefits


Grow in confidence and reach their potential.

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Cooperate with others in team tasks.

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Leading and supporting

Develop leadership skills.

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Develop good listening and communication skills.

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Challenge and risk

Recognise risk and take appropriate action.

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Motivation and positivity

Develop a spirit of determination and endeavour in the face of challenge.

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