Brilliant Residentials

Led by teachers, co-designed with students and fully integrated into the curriculum, brilliant residentials have a huge impact on young people of all ages – and can help to deliver whole school change

Hampshire Outdoor Centres, in partnership with Learning Away, are proud to support #winterresidentials. Please see our latest #Winterresidentials leaflet that highlights the many benefits of a winter visit to our Hampshire Outdoor Centres.

This new campaign aims to show the benefits for students, teachers and schools of a residential visit to an outdoor centre in the winter months.

Learning Away has been exploring the impact of residentials on the quality of learner engagement and learning achievement in three areas:

  • engagement with learning, leading to improved school attendance and behaviour
  • achievement in a range of subjects
  • knowledge, understanding and skills development in a range of curriculum areas

The #Winterresidentials campaign highlights the benefits of having a residential trip in the winter, one of which is that a visit to our Centres can be up to 45% cheaper than our peak summer rates!

For more information on the benefits to your school. please read ‘The Brilliant Benefits of Winter Residentials’.

Schools that visit a Hampshire Outdoor Centre for a Winter Brilliant Residential, have the choice of either staying in our accommodation* and self-led activity sessions, or alternatively purchasing activity sessions delivered by our fully trained instructional staff.
* Catering options vary by centre

Want to know more? Why not contact us to arrange an in-school visit from our school liaison team who can discuss your needs and help plan your Brilliant Residential at one of our centres.