John Muir Award

An environmental award scheme supporting people to connect with, enjoy and care for nature, landscapes and the natural environment

As part of your brilliant residential, Tile Barn is a fantastic place for your groups to get involved in the John Muir Award.

The challenges

There are 4 challenges you will need to complete:

  1. Discover - Identify a wild place to focus on
  2. Explore - How will you experience, enjoy and find out more about your wild place(s)? How will you increase awareness and understanding?
  3. Conserve - Caring for wild place(s), take personal responsibility, make a difference and put something back.
  4. Share - Let others know what you’ve done, your achievements, feelings, what you learned. Celebrate!

To find out more about the scheme and how it can benefit you and your young people please visit the John Muir website.

Challenge Experience/Activity
Discover a wild place

As Tile Barn is located in the heart of The New Forest National park, there are a many places to discover including:

  • woodlands
  • heathlands
  • grasslands
  • coastland
  • rivers
  • beaches
Explore it

Participants can explore the wilderness through completing in a range of self led or instructor lead activities at Tile Barn which can include:

  • forest quest
  • mini Beast hunt/survey
  • tree/leaf hunt/survey
  • shelter building
  • orienteering
  • journeying
  • mountain biking
  • canoeing
  • woodland walk
  • the coastal walk 
Conserve it

At Tile Barn, or off site in the new forest national park, participants can choose to conserve their wild place(s) with activities such as:

  • surveys
  • litter picking
  • recycling
  • maintaining footpaths
  • creating fences
  • removing problem plants
  • making bird feeders
  • creating nest boxes
  • creating wildlife habitats

Participants can volunteer to take part in conservation work to help local charities and trusts. To find local volunteering opportunities please contact Tile Barn or take a look at the New forest national park website. 

Share your experiences

Share your experiences through:

  • discussions
  • chats
  • presentations
  • poetry
  • posters
  • drawings
  • photos
  • stories
  • painting
  • pictures
  • assemblies
  • record books

Next Steps

Once you have planned how you will complete the John Muir award you will need to complete a proposal form, this will need to be completed 2 week prior to starting the Award.

key documents

Brilliant Residentials case study

If you are interested in completing the Award, and need any help or support to organise the Award please contact Tile Barn.

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